Laughter Challenge: Test your laughter IQ with this quiz!

Published on:16 June 2024, 16:30pm IST

A good laugh can strengthen your immune system, boost mood and shield you against stress. Take this quiz to test your knowledge about laughter.

Take this quiz to test your knowledge about laughter. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock.

“Laughter is the best medicine”, they say – and they don’t say it for nothing. Laughing out more has physical and mental health benefits. From reducing stress to boosting your immune system, laughter can trigger healthy psychological and physical changes in your body. Besides improving your social bonds, a good laugh can also promote cardiovascular health, enhance cognitive function and provide a sense of well-being. But do you know the science behind laughter and why you need to add more humour to your life? If not, take this laughter challenge to test your knowledge about the health benefits of laughter.


What hormone does laughter help to release?


Laughter is known to boost which system in the body?


Around 10 to 15 minutes of laughing can burn how many calories?


What benefit does laughter provide for cardiovascular health?


Laughing can provide relief from pain


Which of the following can be enhanced due to laughing?


Is laughter contagious?


Laughter can help lower the risk of which cardiovascular condition?


Can laughter influence muscle relaxation?


Can laughter enhance problem-solving skills?