Are you tired or fatigued? This quiz can tell you

Published on:29 May 2023, 01:26pm IST

Do you feel sluggish all day, want to sleep more and are low on energy? If your answer is yes and you are confused whether it is because you are tired or fatigued, take this quiz. You may find the answer here!

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Fatigue is different from feeling tired. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

People often experience tiredness and fatigue after a long day at work. However, being tired can sometimes be a symptom of fatigue or even chronic fatigue syndrome, which is a serious medical condition. While the symptoms of feeling tired and fatigued often overlap each other, differentiating between them can be confusing. That’s why these terms are often used interchangeably. Medically, they are not the same thing.

Tiredness is something that you feel after a hectic day, and it indicates that your body needs physical rest. However, when you are fatigued, you feel lazy and tired even after getting a good night’s sleep. Still, if you’re confused about whether you’re tired or fatigued, take this quiz designed by Health Shots, especially for you.

Ready? Go ahead and answer these questions.


For how long have you been feeling tired?


How do you feel when you wake up?


Do you have mood swings and find it tough to focus?


Do you think your mental health is not on track?


Do you feel sluggish even after taking a nap during the day?


Do you find it difficult to fall asleep at night?


Do you always feel lethargic or lack energy?


When was the time you felt energetic?


Can a cup of coffee make you active?