Is your sleep cycle healthy? Take this quiz to find out

Published on:29 May 2022, 22:18pm IST

Are you at risk of getting a sleep disorder? Take this quiz to check whether your sleeping cycle is healthy or not.

Sleep quality and quantity are equally important
Sleep quality and quantity are equally important. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Your sleep time aids in the cooling of your brain, ensures the proper functioning of your nervous system, and recharges the body, leaving you refreshed and alert when you awake. But if your sleeping habits aren’t healthy, expect it to mess with your health. If you always feel tired and sluggish and think you could be sleep-deprived, you could be suffering from a sleep disorder.

To help you find out if your sleeping cycle is unhealthy or if you’re at risk of a sleep disorder, we’re here with a quiz!

Take this quiz created just for you by Health Shots. Ready?


Do you find it difficult to fall asleep at night?


Are you not getting as much sleep as you need?


Do you snore when sleeping?


Do you scream, sleepwalk, or have other strange nighttime behaviours?


Do your legs jerk or do you have strange sensations in your legs at night?


Do you wake up in the middle of the night and find it difficult to fall back asleep?


Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night gasping for breath?


Do you find yourself waking up earlier than you would like?


Do you find it difficult to stay awake during the day?


Do you feel sleepy when you first wake up?


Do you get morning headaches from time to time?


Do you get the impression that your sleep was not restful?