Is your lifestyle making you unhappy? Let this quiz answer that for you

Published on:28 January 2020, 06:46pm IST

Can’t find joy in life no matter what you do? Well then, it’s time to introspect and gauge whether your lifestyle is to blame.

women and stress
Stop taking the pressure of perfection! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

If a great job and a loving relationship are not ringing in happiness in life, then it’s time to wake up ladies–because your lifestyle could be to blame. 

In the pursuit of happiness we tend to go all out, then be it finding a well-paid career or splurging money on things that we don’t even need. But ask yourself: are you still happy? Has that Robreto Cavalli handbag you splurged your year’s savings on, even worth it? Let’s face it: you know the answer to this question. And it’s a big fat NO.

Problem is that we equate money to happiness
Our concept of happiness is absolutely rigged. Ask anyone what they would wish for, and they’re likely to answer with “more money”. For us happiness is equivalent to our capacity to live a luxurious life where we don’t have to check the price tag, which FYI is the most ridiculous definition of happiness. 

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Sadness, courtesy our lifestyle
Living in the world of technology, dreadful deadlines, and time crunch has made us blind to the small things that really matter. And unfortunately, burnout and stress are becoming a perennial part of our lives.   

Another misfortune is that to tackle this we either accept the situation or rely on unhealthy options like alcohol and drugs–again for momentarily satisfaction. But the truth is that this only pushes us close to addiction.  

Overthinking is another nail in the coffin of happiness
Pre-empting things without them happening is fine, but overthinking and going crazy preparing for something that hasn’t happened yet is not healthy. 

Still confused about why you feel the blues? Well, give this quiz a shot and decode the root cause of your unhappiness.


What makes you the happiest?


Are you a perfectionist?


What do you prefer to do in your leisure time?


Do you let go things easily?


Do you get jealous looking at your friends’ lives on social media?


How often do you try new things?


Choose one from the following:


What’s your favourite pass-time?


Do you procrastinate a lot?


When was the last time you had a vacation?


What’s your idea of happiness?