Is there a right way to wash your hair? Take this quiz to find out

Published on:26 December 2019, 11:28am IST

Worried about hair damage? Well, one of the reasons behind it is that you are not washing them right. Take this quiz and master the art of hair wash.

hair wash
Just the right shampoo won’t make a difference, you have to rinse your locks properly too. Image courtesy: Shutterstock.

Think washing your hair is simple? Well, think again. What shampoo to use? Which brand to go for? Should you condition your hair? There is a long list of questions that follows. Not to mention, with the changing season, our hair problems also change–making us wonder if we need to amp up our hair wash regimen. 

To add to our miseries, there are a lot of myths that are attached with washing our hair. Some think washing them daily can lead to dryness, while others argue it can keep your scalp clean and healthy. 

But what’s true and what’s not? And are you really washing your hair the right way? 

Well, take a deep breath and take this quiz to resolve all your queries.


You must skip the conditioner if you have an oily scalp


Working out every day means I must wash my hair daily.


Gently using your nails to scrape the last bit of lather is fine


You must dilute your shampoo with water before using it


Washing your hair with hot water can help cleanse the scalp better