If you score more than 7 on this quiz, then you might be coronaphobic

Published on:12 February 2021, 06:25pm IST

The number of covid-19 cases might be waning in India, but that does not coronaphobia is over.

Is coronavirus giving you anxiety? Let’s find out with a quiz. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Kya aapke dimag mein coronaphobia hai? Well, this might sound like a toothpaste ad, but it actually is the need of the hour. After “covidiot” and “covid anxiety”, coronaphobia is emerging as the new term to come out of the pandemic. Apparently if all you can think of is covid-19 then sister you might be dealing with coronaphobia.

As per a study published in the Asian Journal of Psychiatry, coronaphobia can be defined as the extreme fear of contracting covid-19 virus—which takes a toll on the mental health of the person. A person who is coronaphobic is afraid of going out, meeting people, and gets worked up by any piece of information about this novel virus.

So, are you coronaphobic? To find out, just spare two minutes of time and take this quiz.


How many times do you wash/sanitize your hands in a day?


Are you bathing more than usual?


Have you got yourself tested for covid-19 without any symptoms?


Do you read every covid-19 news update?


Do you share Whatsapp or email forwards about coronavirus?


Have you been checking your pulse and oxygen levels?


Are you eager to go back to your office?


Do you constantly check your Arogya Setu app to look out for covid-19 prospects around you?


Do you get paranoid if someone sneezes or coughs around you?


Have you started meeting people?


Does covid news freak you out?


Do you hesitate in shaking hands or hugging people?


Do you sanitize everything you buy?