How well do you know your body noises? Take this quiz NOW!

Published on:20 May 2024, 11:15am IST

From gurgle, to burp to crack, your body makes several noises, which indicates your health. Take this quiz to test your knowledge about body noises.

body noises
Take this quiz to test your knowledge about different body sounds. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock.

Your body often communicates with you, indicating about your health through a symphony of sounds. From growling stomach, snoring, hiccupping, joint cracking to more, different body sounds provide information about your underlying health. If you ever listen to a growling sound coming out from your stomach, it usually indicates hunger. But have you ever asked yourself why your body makes weird noises? Do you know enough about different body noises and what they might be trying to tell you about your health? If not, you might find it difficult to cater to what your body needs. So, take this quiz to test your understanding of body noises.


What does excessive flatulence often indicate?


Stomach growling is a sign of?


Holding a sneeze can lead to health complications like a ruptured throat.


What does loud and jarring snoring tell you about your health?


What deficiency causes frequent joint cracking?


Is constant sniffing a sign of sinus infection?


What does it mean if you experience persistent hiccups?


Is burping good for your health?