How spicy is your sex life? Take this quiz!

Updated on:13 December 2022, 16:53pm IST

Sex life can take a dip! So, how to spice up your sex life? Take this quiz, answer these questions and find the results!

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Test the passion in your sex life! Image courtesy: Freepik

An intimate relationship is commonly considered a sexual relationship. But does that imply that your sexual life revolves around only sex? No, not really. The concept of making love is so much more than that!

Thanks to social media, web series, and sexual health experts and influencers for raising awareness about sex, couples are now trying new things and making efforts to improve their relationship.

So, how spicy is your sex life? If you are unable to answer, just take this two-minute quiz to find out your satisfaction level with your sex life.


Have you ever used sex toys with your partner?


Do you always indulge in foreplay?


Do you openly discuss your sexual fantasies with your partner?


Do you try sexting to make your partner feel special?


Do you have sex at least once a week?


Do you often make the first move?


Do you love cuddling with your partner?


Do you enjoy oral sex?


Are you comfortable trying new sex positions with your partner?


Do you openly talk about orgasm with your partner?


Do you try sex in places other than the bed?


Do you kiss each other randomly?