What do you know about how a woman’s body changes after 40? Check your knowledge with this quiz

Updated on:13 June 2023, 22:09pm IST

There are a lot of changes that take place in a woman's body after 40. Take this quiz and check how much you know about it.

women's body after 40
Pay more attention to your health after 40. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

They say 40 is a new 30. But as women approach their 40s, they have trouble managing their weight and other health issues. In fact, their nutritional needs and the way their body absorbs nutrients change as they get older. And this could be due to a number of causes! To deal with this, you should be aware of the changes and how you can handle your health.

So how much do you know about your body? Well, to check it, take this quiz.

This quiz is specially designed for Health Shots by Dr Manan Vora, a Sports Medicine Expert and Orthopaedic Surgeon.

Let’s test your knowledge!


What stage of her reproductive cycle does a woman enter after age 40?


Women in their 40s find it harder to lose weight! Why?


Lower levels of the hormone estrogen in women after 40 increases the risk of which of these conditions?


The need for which macronutrient increases in women post-40, in order to preserve muscle mass?


Which of the following are perimenopausal symptoms, commonly experienced by women in their 40s?


Women in their 40s are at an increased risk of this reproductive health disease.


Which supplement is primarily used to alleviate perimenopausal symptoms?


Hair loss, thinning and dryness are common in women post-40 because of which of the following reasons?


The levels of which of the following hormones, that provide protection against heart disease dips, after 40 in women?


Higher levels of androgen and lower insulin can suddenly cause which skin conditions in women post-40?


The risk of what type of cancer significantly increases in women post-40?


Increasing which of the following food intake helps improve perimenopausal symptoms in women?


Low libido in women over 40 is a common side effect of:


How often should a woman get a general health checkup done post-40 years of age?