Are you being taken for granted in your relationship? Find out with this quiz

Published on:10 July 2022, 18:03pm IST

It's no secret that everyone's relationships are not smooth. Take this quiz and check out if you're being taken for granted by your partner.

taken for granted
Stop being taken for granted. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

When was the last time your partner gave you a compliment? You don’t recall the last time, do you? Well, every relationship demands a lot of give and take. And if you don’t feel valued and special in a relationship, you may wonder if you’re being taken for granted by your partner.

Don’t panic if you feel that way. You and your partner may be able to work through the miscommunication that occasionally causes this emotion. We can help, though, if you still feel that way.

To find out if your partner is taking you for granted, take this quiz created especially for you by HealthShots.

Ready? Respond to these 10 questions honestly, choosing the answer that most accurately reflects your current situation.


How often does your partner express gratitude?


Has your partner ever accused you of being overreacting, unreasonable or ridiculous?


Does your partner make plans for special occasions?


Do you ever feel kind of invisible to your partner?


Does your partner hold grudges against you?


How often does your partner say they love you?


Do you and your partner ever discuss future plans?


Has your partner ever changed a habit for you?


Does your partner inform you if they will be arriving home late?


What would your partner do if you arrived home late?