Have less than two minutes? That’s all this quiz will take to reveal if you are obsessive or not

Published on:8 December 2020, 10:37am IST

OCD aka obsessive compulsive disorder is not about being obsessed with cleaning, there’s much more.

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Take this OCD quiz and find out how obsessive you are. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

We might find ourselves making fun of those who are obsessed about cleaning, arranging things in a particular order, and trying to do everything with perfection. Not many know that it is a kind of mental issue that can prove to be problematic in the long run. Yes, friends – we are referring to OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder.

OCD is a mental state wherein a person repetitively thinks about certain things or has an uncontrollable urge or feels compulsive to do things. This situation is not just bothersome for those who have it, but also for those who are around them.

In the long run, it does not just lead to severe anxiety, but can also create a rift in relationships.

Another thing is that one should not restrict OCD to just cleanliness, as there’s more to it. So, do you want to check if you are obsessive or not? 

Try this quiz and find out in less than two minutes:


Do you feel annoyed when there are unread messages or emails in your app or inbox?


Have you ever arranged or cleaned someone’s desk because you were paranoid about the mess?


Do you bathe more than once in a day?


How often do you check things like lights, water outlets, wallet, keys, etc before leaving your house?


Have you ever tried to check your partner’s cell-phone?


Do repetitive thoughts make you anxious?


Have you ever felt that no one can do things better than you?


Do you stick to a task until it’s done perfectly?


Do you hoard stuff, even when you don’t need to?


Do you always doubt people’s intentions towards you?


Do you unnecessarily dominate people because you fear losing control over them?


Are you superstitious?


Do you keep on calling your partner/parents/friends extensively to check their whereabouts?