Is your vitamin C intake on track? Answer these 10 questions to find out

Updated on:18 January 2023, 18:01pm IST

Besides weakened immunity, vitamin C deficiency can cause a variety of additional symptoms. Find out if your consumption of vitamin C is inadequate, by taking this 2-minute quiz.

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This quiz will take only 2 minutes! Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

Micronutrients like vitamins are crucial for your overall health. They offer a number of advantages such as supporting the immune system, enhancing heart health, reducing mental health problems, maintaining strong bones, improving eyesight, slowing down premature ageing, assisting brain function, protecting skin and boosting metabolism. While all of the vitamins are necessary for your body, vitamin C is frequently found to be the most critical. So, are your vitamin C levels on point? If you’re unsure, take this quiz on the symptoms of vitamin C deficiency.

Payal Kothari, a gut health nutritionist and author, has helped HealthShots develop this quiz to help you find or identify the symptoms of vitamin C deficiency. So, let’s find out!





Do you frequently fall ill with a cold and cough?


Do your wounds take longer to heal and leave scars?


Is your hair getting dry and damaged even after using the right products?


Is your skin getting rough and dry?


Do you sometimes see bright red hair follicles?


Do you sometimes feel pain in your bones?


Is your immunity weak?


Are you always tired and have mood swings?


Does your weight keep fluctuating all the time?


Do your gums look sore and bleed?