It’s World PCOS Awareness Month! Take this quiz, and we’ll tell you if you know enough

Updated on:3 September 2021, 19:12pm IST

The incidence of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) among women is more common than we think it is. But are we adequately aware of its symptoms?

Take this quiz to know how much you really know about PCOS. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

If rough estimates by experts are anything to go by, one in every five Indian women apparently face PCOS. And yet, the awareness around its symptoms, need for proper health check, and treatment is not as pronounced and widespread as it needs to be.

Often, doctors complain that women with PCOS only knock at their doors when they face a fertility issue arising out of it, but that’s not the right approach to being mindful about it. And especially with the kind of lifestyles that we have been living. Isn’t it ladies?

Let’s get to know how well you know about PCOS!


What is PCOS?


What is PCOS caused by?


Women with PCOS produce higher amounts of…?


What is a common symptom of PCOS?


At which age is PCOS usally diagnosed at?


You definitely have PCOS if you have irregular periods! True?


If you have PCOS, you can’t get pregnant?


Can PCOS also cause depression?


Does PCOS affect only obese women?


Are PCOD and PCOS the same?