Does it smell fishy down there ? Take this quiz to know if your vagina is OK

Updated on:4 December 2019, 14:47pm IST

No two vaginas smell alike. But if yours is smelling way too funny of late, then take this quiz to know if you need to pay a visit to your gynaecologist or not.

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If you’re reading this, then chances are that you’re concerned your vagina smells funny. But guess what? It’s absolutely okay, because every woman has an odour of her own which also reflects in her vag.

Your vagina has that typical smell due to its pH level. The pH level denotes the acidic level of your vagina and that’s the reason why you smell musty down there. Of course, you’re never going to smell flowery even if you try vaginal sprays–because the smell of your vagina keeps on changing.  

That said, there are a lot of reasons why your vagina smells the way it does. In fact, your vaginal odour might be trying to tell you something. Take this quiz to find out what’s normal and what’s not:   


The odour has changed all of a sudden


It smells like something is fermenting…


It smells like ammonia!


Something smells fishy down there


Ewwww! It smells like rotting meat