How severe is your lack of energy? Take this quiz to find out!

Published on:12 June 2022, 13:10pm IST

Tired all the time? Answer these few questions and we'll reveal whether you're dealing with chronic fatigue or not.

chronic fatigue
Note down these tell-tale signs of fatigue to deal with it. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Have you recently asked yourself, “Why am I so tired?” If this is the case, your stress levels may be high! Feeling sluggish is not always a problem. However, a constant lack of energy can be a sign of chronic fatigue. It’s an extreme and uncontrollable feeling of exhaustion that can interfere with your daily life, reducing productivity and adding stress.

Don’t worry, and to find out how severe your lack of energy is, take this quiz designed by Health Shots, especially for you.

Ready? Go ahead and answer these questions.


How do you start your day?


Do you feel sluggish and tired throughout the day?


Do you struggle to work or complete a task?


Do you have poor eating habits?


Do you sleep well?


When was the time you felt energetic?


Do you experience dizziness or balance issues?


Do you rely on a cup of coffee to get you going in the morning?


Do you experience muscle weakness?


Do you lose your temper when you’re tired?


Do you have trouble concentrating?


Are you often irritable or fussy for no reason?