National Doctor’s Day: Test your knowledge about doctors with this quiz!

Updated on:1 July 2024, 19:20pm IST

Can you tell an endocrinologist from an ophthalmologist? Or a paediatrician from a podiatrist? On National Doctor's Day 2024, take this quiz to test your knowledge about different types of doctors!

National Doctor's day
Take this quiz to test your knowledge about different types of doctors on this National Doctor’s Day 2024. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock.

Doctors play an indispensable role in society. They work selflessly to keep patients healthy and happy. Their expertise spans a vast spectrum, from diagnosing illness and providing treatment plans to performing life-saving surgeries and offering prevention care. Besides their medical support, doctors provide emotional support and comfort to their patients. But do we know enough about our doctors and their specializations? Take this Health Shots quiz to test your knowledge about various medical specialities, ranging from those who focus on specific organs to others who care for particular age groups or conditions. So, let us die in and see how well you know your doctors!


I specialise in treating brain and nervous system disorders. Who am I?


My focus is on the care of women during pregnancy and childbirth and I am called an obstetrician.


Doctors who treat skin-related diseases are known as?


My speciality involves diagnosing and treating digestive system issues. Who am I?


Cardiologists are experts in treating heart and blood vessels-related disorders.


I focus on the care and treatment of children. Who am I?


Doctors who are trained to perform surgeries involving the musculoskeletal system are called orthopedists.


What is the specialty of a doctor, who can diagnose and treat mental illness?


My specialty involves the treatment of kidney-related diseases. What kind of doctor am I?


Which kind of doctor is trained to diagnose and treat the diseases affecting the elderly?