Take this quiz to detect early warning signs of ovarian cancer

Updated on:4 March 2023, 13:17pm IST

Ovarian cancer is becoming more common among women. However, early detection can help to reduce further risks. Take this quiz to learn about the early warning symptoms of ovarian cancer.

ovarian cancer
Pay attention to these signs to detect ovarian cancer. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

Ovarian cancer is cancer of the female organs that produce eggs. It can affect one or both ovaries. This cancer often goes undetected in the early stages and we only come to know about this once it has spread within the pelvis and the stomach. At this time, it is highly difficult to heal as well.

Cancer of the ovaries usually causes a lot of gastrointestinal problems as well such as bloating, constipation, muscle cramps, etc. Most women who suffer from ovarian cancer are usually 55 years or older and are in the menopausal stage. However, it is also diagnosed in women in the age group of 40-50 as well. If you have any family history, it is advisable to do routine check-ups so that you detect this at a very early stage and treatments can be more beneficial.

You may, however, keep an eye out for ovarian cancer signs and symptoms. Dr Manoj Kutteri, CEO and Medical Director of the Atmantan Wellness Centre, designed this quiz especially for HealthShots to help you determine whether you have ovarian cancer or not.

Go ahead and answer these questions!


Do you experience any pelvic or abdominal pain?


Do you feel the abdomen swollen or have constant bloating?


Do you feel full sooner while having meals?


Do you feel your urge to urinate or frequency of urination has increased?


Have you had unexplained weight loss recently?


Do you have an upset stomach or suffer from constipation?


Have you recently noticed any menstrual irregularities or heavier bleeding?


Do you experience pain during or after having sex?


Are you going through extreme fatigue and lethargy?


Do you get any vaginal discharge other than menstrual discharge?


Do you suffer from constant pain in the lower back?


Have you felt any lump in the abdomen?


Has your appetite reduced significantly?


Do you have shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing?


Have you been on hormone therapy for long?