Dear women, are you making bedroom mistakes? Take this quiz!

Updated on:2 June 2024, 10:03am IST

Do you often give up midway in sex because your insecurities stop you? Take this quiz to find out if you are making any bedroom mistakes!

bedroom mistakes
Take this quiz to know if you are making any bedroom mistake. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock.

Great sex is a two-way street, but sometimes, the enjoyment and satisfaction may get disrupted because of certain bedroom mistakes. While it is okay to be nervous at first, you cannot let those butterflies remain. There is no hard and fast rule about sex, but some of the bedroom mistakes that women make may ruin the overall experience. From faking orgasm to not communicating desires to a partner – many women often make these mistakes knowingly or unknowingly. If you want to build true-blue physical intimacy and an emotional connection with your partner, take this quiz to find out if you are making any bedroom mistakes!


Do you often fake orgasm?


Do you think pretending to enjoy something you don’t like is good?


Lack of spontaneity in sex can kill the spark.


How do you feel about your body in the bedroom?


Do you experiment with different positions?


Discussing fantasies with your partner is a taboo?


How often do you initiate intimacy?


Do you compare your sex life with that of others or what you see in movies?


It becomes difficult to orgasm with your partner after using a vibrator to masturbate


How often do you have sex?