Are you using the right skin-care products? This simple quiz has the answer

Updated on:17 December 2019, 07:37pm IST

Different skin types need different types of care. Are you caring for your skin the right way, with the right products? Take this quiz to know the answer.

Give your skin the TLC it deserves this winter, with this kit. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Thanks to a zillion skincare products in the market these days and a gazillion celebrities and social-media influencers endorsing them, we are aware of the undeniable need to take care of our skin. That said, we are also constantly trying out new skincare products to fight different skin problems.

Now, you might count this as a worthy effort, but your skin might not reflect the desired results. The reason? You’re just not using the right skincare products.

If this raised even a slight suspicion in your head, then take this quiz and settle your doubts once and for all.


When I buy skincare products, I…


What type of sunscreen do you use?


When I apply a moisturiser on my face, I…


How does your skin react to your toner?


Your make-up remover makes your skin feel…