Are you emotionally unavailable or is it the other way around? Take this quiz to know

Published on:13 July 2021, 14:35pm IST

Being emotionally unavailable is like dealing with a double-edged sword — either you could benefit or might have to pay a price!

Emotionally unavailable
You must know all about your emotional quotient. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Has anyone ever called you ‘emotionally unavailable’? Do you really understand what they actually mean? Well, in simple terms, an emotionally unavailable person is someone who is not open about his/her feelings.

Now, this could be because they are introverts, while on the other hand, it might also be a way to set some boundaries. That’s really not the real issue. The problem arises when an emotionally unavailable person treats other people badly. Such people take others for granted, are not considerate about what other people might feel, and at times, they use their words and actions to hurt others.

That’s why it is important to check whether you are emotionally in the right space or not, because not being in one, can also have repercussions.

And this quiz will help you in figuring out whether you are emotionally unavailable or not.

Let’s go!


Do people get confused with your personality?


How often do you make plans to meet everyone?


Do you believe in calling the shots?


How often do you and your partner get intimate?


Do you like communicating your feelings?


Do you thrive for perfection?


Do you believe in the concept of compromising?


How considerate are you about others feeling?


Can you easily detach yourself from people?


Are you scared of commitment?