Are you doing right by your eyes? Answer these 8 questions to find out

Published on:22 October 2020, 06:54pm IST

Your eyes fall prey to ageing too. And the constant exposure to blue light from screens will just expedite the process. Which is why you need to treat your peepers right.

bad habits for eyes
Take care of your eyes! Image courtesy: Unsplash

Your eyes are one of the most important organs of your body. But have you ever thought about how poorly you have been treating them? From exposing your eyes to the harsh blue light of your phone 24 x 7 to keeping contact lenses on for too long—your eyes go through a lot. 

That’s why we want you to take this quiz so that you can take better care of your eyes:


Do you give your eyes a break from screens while working from home?


Do you wear sunglasses while stepping out?


Do you often rub your eyes?


Do you smoke?


Are you guilty of sleeping with eye makeup on?


How often do you go for an eye checkup?


How many hours of sleep do you clock at night?


Do you tend to sleep with your contact lenses on?