Are you hit by heat exhaustion in summer? Take this quiz to know!

Published on:16 May 2022, 06:48pm IST

If you’ve been experiencing some odd symptoms due to scorching summer, it may be heat exhaustion. Take this quiz to find out.

heat exhaustion
These signs are sure to tell you if you’re dealing with heat exhaustion. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

It’s that time of the year again! While you may be in the mood for sipping margaritas all day long, work can’t stall during the summer. Usually, we keep our summer gear ready before the scorching sun hits us. But, since we’re living in the pandemic era, we have lived confined indoors for the past 2 years. While this has been the only upside of the Covid-19 lockdowns, it has raised our chances of getting heat exhaustion. Staying cooped up at home in airy pajamas with air conditioner blasting has also reduced our heat tolerance.

However, the blissful days ended as offices and colleges or schools are now functioning in full capacity and most of us are forced to face the sun. Constant sun exposure has terrible effects on our body. If you’re somebody who has been experiencing something like that but don’t know it yet, why don’t you quiz yourself about it?


Are your eyes burning, or feeling drier than usual?


Is your skin turning pale and clammy?


Are you sweating more than usual?


Are you experiencing blurred vision or dizziness?


Do you get muscle cramps every now and then?


Is your pulse feeling faster or faint than usual?


Have you been getting goosebumps even when in the heat?


Are you feeling weak and fatigued?


Are you experiencing mild or moderate headaches?


Do you feel low blood pressure while standing?