Are you a skincare pro? Take this quiz to find out

Updated on:31 October 2023, 10:46am IST

Do you know everything about skincare? Wait till you take this quiz and know where you stand on your skincare knowledge!

Woman applying cream
Take this to know about the right way to take care of your skin! Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

In the evolving world of beauty, being a skincare pro is challenging! Can you tell hyaluronic acid from salicylic acid? Or know when to use a serum and when to simply put a moisturiser? If you’re confused, it’s time to spruce up your skincare knowledge. But if you feel like you know what we’re really talking about, try to test if you are an expert in skincare! Take this quiz, especially prepared by Health Shots, to find out how much you really know about your skin. Go ahead and answer these questions.


Why do we use moisturizer?


What is the recommended SPF (Sun Protection Factor) for daily sun protection?


Which of the following ingredients is known for its ability to fight acne and blemishes?


How often should you exfoliate your skin?


What is the ideal pH level for most cleansers?


Which type of skincare product can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles?


What should you apply first in your skincare routine?


How should you remove makeup at the end of the day?


What is the proper order for a skincare regimen?