Are you a good kisser? Don’t miss this quiz to find out

Published on:13 September 2023, 09:25pm IST

Assuming you are already a good kisser? Hold on and take this 5 minute quiz to know what kind of kisser you are.

good kisser
This quiz will reveal whether you are a good kisser or not. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

A kiss cannot be taught. But being a good kisser is possible with experience and sensitivity. It is not just about the physical aspect of kissing, but also the communication and connection that two people feel between them. If you often wonder, “Am I a good kisser?”, take this Health Shots quiz to find out where you stand.


Do you pay attention to your partner’s body language and cues while kissing?


Do you believe that a good kiss involves both softness and passion?


Do you use your hands while kissing?


Are you open to learning and adapting to your partner’s kissing preferences?


Do you take care of your oral hygiene before a kissing situation?


Do you vary your kissing technique by changing intensity and speed?


Are you patient and considerate, giving your partner time to feel comfortable?


Do you communicate with your partner about their kissing preferences?


Are you able to gauge when your partner is enjoying the kiss?


Do you focus on making the kiss a mutually enjoyable experience?