Are you a good friend? Take this quiz to find out

Updated on:26 July 2022, 17:03pm IST

Take this 2-minute quiz designed by Health Shots and find out what kind of a friend are you.

friends at workplace
Be a good friend. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

A friend is the greatest emotional and social support you can have. It is not only an enjoyable journey but also a very important experience. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to have good friends, and some friendships can even be toxic. But this time, it’s not about anyone else, it’s about you.

Yes. So, the question is; what kind of friend are you? However, while looking good in other people, you shouldn’t neglect to consider your personal qualities.

So, if you’re curious to find out, take this quiz to see if you’re a good friend and a good listener or not.

Let’s get started!

Answer these 10 questions mentioned below:


How often do you meet up with your friends?


What would you do if your friend is upset?


What would your close friends say about you?


What do you and your pals talk about the most?


Do you have a best friend?


What happens if your friend doesn’t call you for a couple of months?


Do you enjoy hanging out with your friends?


Do you get jealous if your friends have things that you don’t?


Do you frequently lose touch with your friends simply because you don’t chat to them as often?


Do you mind if your best friend has another best friend besides you?