Yoga and meditation can relieve migraine pain, says study

Researchers found that mindfulness can go a long way in relieving migraine pain.
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Aayushi Gupta Updated: 30 Oct 2023, 15:51 pm IST
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Anyone who has experienced a migraine knows how uncomfortable and painful the ordeal is. It is a neurological disorder characterized by intense and debilitating headaches, often accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to light. Generally, a migraine feels like a throbbing headache on one side of your head. Moreover, migraines can disrupt your life.

So, it is extremely important to manage the pain and find a way to relieve yourself of the migraine. According to a study published by JAMA Internal Medicine, researchers found that mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) could improve migraine outcomes, pain perception, and measures of emotional well-being compared to headache education.

In this study, 89 people affected by migraines were divided randomly into two groups. One group went through MBSR and the other through headache education. It was found that:

  • The MBSR group followed a course of mindfulness meditation and yoga. 
  • The headache education group received instructions on headaches, triggers, stress, and treatment approaches.
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The outcome after 36 weeks revealed that only MBSR showed improvement in the quality of life, reduced disability, improved depression scores, and other measures also reflected better emotional well-being. 

You’re probably already aware of the fact that mindfulness is an important part of yoga and hence, here are some yoga postures that can help you with migraines:

  1. Corpse pose (Shavasana)

It helps you relax your body, getting rid of fatigue and stress.

  1. Cat pose (Marjariasana)

It relieves tension and improves blood circulation which can prove to be helpful when dealing with headaches.

Cat pose. Image courtesy: Nishtha Bijlani
  1. Bridge pose (Setu Bandhasana)

This pose calms the brain, opens the chest and shoulders, and stretches the neck which helps you when combating migraines.

  1. Child pose (Shishuasana)

Effectively reduces pain and is often referred to as the ‘beginner’s yoga pose’. 

  1. Standing forward bend (Hastapadasana)

It is extremely effective when it comes to increasing blood circulation and can refresh your nervous system while calming the mind. 

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Migraines can be extremely painful but yoga and mindfulness can help you deal with them!

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