Yoga poses to help with summer migraines

Have you tried yoga for migraines? If not, begin doing these yoga poses that are a natural way to provide relief in severe headaches.
yoga for migraines
These yoga poses are bound to provide relief from migraines. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock
Shifa Khan Updated: 23 Oct 2023, 13:08 pm IST
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If you’ve ever suffered from migraines, you have probably looked for anything that will make it go away and settle down. Heat activates and intensifies migraines for a lot of people, which is why summer can feel draining and unproductive. Yoga helps greatly with not only relaxing a migraine in progress but also in preventing consistent migraines. Since it is a practice that combines breath with movement, yoga is a unique practice where both your body and mind are in sync with each other and in the present moment. That’s why you need to try out yoga for migraines.

Radhika Iyer, Yogini, Founder of Raa Foundation and Anahata Organic, spoke to Health Shots about some effective yoga poses that can help with summer migraines.

Iyer says, “These yoga poses significantly reduce the impact of migraines. I would suggest lightning a diffuser with some essential oil (you get migraine relief blends) and then practice these asanas.”

If you’re willing to try yoga for migraines, these asanas may help:

1. Savasana

Savasana is a state of complete relaxation. It is also called the ‘corpse pose’ as this asana requires you to only exist in the present, with no distractions. In this position, every part of your body is on the ground. This releases tension from the abdomen and allows for more conscious breathing, taking oxygen to the brain.

“In this position, you can also envision positive energy pouring from the universe into your palms and negative energy leaving from the bottom. A few minutes of savasana should relieve you from your migraine,” says Iyer, who is also a mountaineer and Philanthropist.

If you’re up for doing yoga for migraines, begin with savasana. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Ustrasana

An effective backbend and a great heart opener, ustrasana allows oxygenated blood to reach your head and releases tension from the body. It stretches your stomach and strengthens the back at the same time. This pose also increases lung capacity, allowing for better air intake.

3. Bridge Pose

If we speak of yoga for migraines, nothing works better than bridge pose. You hold a lot of tension in your neck and shoulder areas, and that is a big and largely unknown cause for migraines. Doing the bridge pose relaxes your body and allows oxygenated blood to travel to your heart and head. It also releases tension from the hips.

hip bridge exercise
Don’t forget to engage the core when you’re performing the bridge pose. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Child’s pose

The child’s pose has a way of making us feel safe. Because this is the fetal position, it reminds the body and subconscious kind of the absolute safety of the womb, where all our needs are met automatically. “Touching the forehead on the ground activates pressure points that lower headaches and stress levels. Child’s pose helps ease migraines and lowers irritation and anxiety levels,” adds Iyer.

5. Pawanmuktasana

This ends your search for yoga for migraines. This relieving pose is great for removing toxins from the body and bringing you to a calm and still state of mind. Hugging your knees to your chest, pawanmuktasana is a good asana to focus on feeling secure in one’s body and observing your breath. After staying still for 10 counts, roll back and forth in this posture- the movement is relaxing and can help dull the impact of a migraine.

Remember to be consistent with your practice. Additionally, if you are prone to migraines in the summer, start eating light and cooling food and consume a lot of water. Also, stick to your medications if need be.

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