Reduce fatigue with this yoga routine that will recharge you in an instant

This simple yoga routine called the Himalaya pranam will not just drive away fatigue, but will also keep stress at bay and make you more flexible. Read on to know more
himalaya pranam
Refresh your body and mind with this simple yoga routine. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Himalayan Siddhaa Akshar Published: 25 Jan 2021, 14:48 pm IST
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Exercise and physical activity is a must in everyone’s life. It is important to keep the body moving in order to stay healthy, and have an active mind. Fitness ensures that you remain energetic and dynamic throughout the day. Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise, as it approaches well-being in a holistic manner. 

Yoga promotes the development of the mind, body, and the spirit. It has a variety of practices underneath its umbrella, including physical postures known as asanas; breathing techniques known as pranayama, meditation or dhyana, mudras, chanting and much more. 

Not only does yoga focus on the physical body, but it also helps keep the mind calm, eliminates anxiety, reduces stress, and increases focus. Ideally, the best time to practice yoga is early in the morning when the sun rises, but you can also practice yoga anytime of the day which is convenient for you. 

Follow this simple flow of Himalaya pranam to refresh, recharge, and rejuvenate yourself. Derived from the ancient Himalayan system of greeting, Himalaya pranam consists of 11 steps and is a dynamic form of exercise for the body. This simple and easy flow contains a combination of movements including forward folds, backbends, plank etc.

himalaya pranam
Trust yoga to reduce fatigue. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Steps to perform the Himalaya pranam:
  1. Start in a pranamasana with your feet together.
  2. Holding the pranam position, bend half down with your upper body in samakonasana.
  3. Straighten your body and bring it pranamasana, opening your feet to hip-width distance. Inhale and bend back to hasta uttanasana.
  4. Exhale and hold your ankles with your palms
  5. Walk with your palms forward, and lie down on your stomach in advasana.
  6. Inhale and lift up both your legs, and palms holding pranam to shalabhasana.
  7. Exhale, lie down, and push back to adomukhiswanasana.
  8. Walk your palms back to padahastasana.
  9. Holding the pranam, bend back to hasta uttanasana.
  10. Exhale, and bend half down with your upper body to samakonasana.
  11. Straighten to pranamasana.

Some of the many benefits of this Himalaya pranam sequence are that it keeps stress away, strengthens the body, improves flexibility, prepares the body for rigorous asanas, helps in weight management and increases self-awareness. The Himalaya pranam is a system that helps practitioners in multiple ways, teaching them how to evolve towards divine energies.

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