World Spine Day: How can your spine affect your emotions?

Is there a link between spine and emotions? Maybe yes! Here's how your spine can affect or change the way you feel.
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Spine exercises are important maintain your posture! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Dr Nidhi Bajaj Gupta Published: 16 Oct 2022, 08:59 am IST
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Spine-related health problems are frequently a result of ageing and can be treated with precautions and medical help. However, did you know that issues with your spine might affect how you feel? Yes that’s true! Spine and emotions are closely related. So, on World Spine Day, let’s understand this connection.

What is the spine?

The spine is made up of bones, muscles, tendons, nerves, and other tissues that start from the base of the skull near the spinal cord to the coccyx (tailbone). The vertebrae (back bones) of the spine include the cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, sacral spine and the tailbone.

As babies, children have a C-shaped spine. Secondary curves in the cervical
and lumbar spine develop as infants become able to lift their heads, sit up,
crawl, stand, and walk. The spinal health is the foundation of the body mind soul

What are emotions?

Emotions is a subjective state of the mind or a feeling in motion. Emotions can be reactions to internal stimuli (such as thoughts or memories) or events that occur in our external environment.

spine and emotions
Your spine have a lot to do with your emotions! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Happiness, joy, interest, curiosity, excitement, gratitude, love, and contentment—these positive emotions feel good and help us to progress in life.

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Negative emotions such as sadness, anger, loneliness, jealousy, self-criticism,
fear, or rejection—can be difficult and even painful at times. They pull us down and become speed breakers in our happiness and growth.

Here’s how the spine can affect your emotions:

1. Hunchback posture make us feel lazy

When our spine is shifted to one side (scoliosis) or we develop a hunchback or a slouch it affects us emotionally too. We feel more lethargic and less confident about ourselves.

2. A well-aligned spine make you confident

When our spine is well aligned it gives us a good posture. It also improves the blood circulation through the body. The inner organs also get adequate space to function well. This helps people feel happier and more confident.

spine and emotions
A healthy spine means a happy you! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Spine pain can make you feel low

When we experience pain in our spine due to muscle spasms or degeneration of the spinal bones, we feel low emotionally. It begins to affect the quality of our life. So many people are not able to concentrate on work well if there is pain in the spine. It may also affect our sleep cycle and hence makes us feel more irritable. It can also lead to overall stress which starts affecting our hormone cortisol which in turn affects our mood and emotions further.

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4. A healthy spine makes us feel happy

When our spine is pain free we feel a sense of freedom and joy. We are able to move in all directions and carry on our daily activities with ease. The neurotransmitters work efficiently to convey messages from our spine to the brain. We feel happier, healthier, more secure and energetic.

Chakras are energy hubs that are located on the spinal cord

Research shows that even though energy is present all over the body there are 7 areas where there is the highest concentration of energy. These 7 areas are called 7 chakras and they are present along the length of the spine. Each chakra has its own individual emotional and spiritual benefits.

spine and emotions
Spine is a source of energy. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

When any of the chakras are blocked, it affects us emotionally. For example, when our root chakra is blocked, we tend to feel more insecure and fearful. When our throat chakra is blocked, we feel suppressed and are not able to express ourselves with freedom.

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When all the 7 chakras are well-aligned and balanced, it has a huge impact on our emotions. We feel positive emotions like security, love, happiness, creativity, bliss, independence and devotion.

Hence, our spine has a huge impact on our emotions!

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