What’s the safe time to be around someone who has recovered from Covid-19? Expert reveals

The Omicron virus can linger on for some time even after your recovery. That’s why it’s important for you to know when to be around someone who has had Covid-19.
recovered from covid-19
Recovery from Covid-19 takes time, so it’s better that you don’t rush into anything. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 18 Jan 2022, 09:00 am IST
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Covid-19 and its variant Omicron are spreading like wildfire. While people are getting down with the virus, they are also recovering soon. Even as the fear of the infection is back in our lives, there’s one thing to wonder about post-recovery. What is the right time to be safe around someone who has recovered from Covid-19.

Isn’t it a valid question? Most of you must have had it as well. That’s why today, Dr Pritam Moon, consultant physician at Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai will help us unravel this mystery. Come and read what he has to recommend.

How soon you can meet a person who has recovered from Covid-19

Wondering when is the right time to unite with the family after your isolation period or when must you venture out of the house? Well, it’s time to clear your doubts.
If we go by what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has to say, then no one factor can determine how soon you can reunite with a friend, colleague, or a family member who recovered from Covid-19. According to the CDC, a lot of factors are at play.

Covid-19 booster
Vaccination is critical in the fight against Covid-19. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

“The Covid-19 or Omicron symptoms vary from one person to another. You will be considered to be safe if 10 days have passed and one doesn’t exhibit symptoms such as cold, cough, fever, loss of smell and taste, and body pain. Moreover, you shouldn’t be on any Covid-19 medication. This is the time you won’t be contagious and there is no fear of transmitting the infection to others,” Dr Moon tells HealthShots.

“Even asymptomatic patients can be around their family members and friends after 10 days. But if one is immunocompromised, has comorbidities such as diabetes, blood pressure, kidney or heart problems, then just be careful and monitor yourself with the help of a doctor,” adds the expert.

Some people have a mild infection whereas some can get seriously infected with Covid-19. The recovery period for both might differ from the other. If you have a cough or cold even after testing negative, then it’s best to take all the precautions until the cough and cold vanishes.

“Even if you finish your isolation period, try to maintain a safe distance from people and wear masks at home,” recommends Dr Moon.

covid-19 vaccine
Two shots of Covid-19 vaccine are enough. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Give this piece of advice to people who have just recovered from Covid-19

  • Don’t think you can’t get Covid-19 again. People are getting all these new variants of Covid-19 even after getting the infection earlier.
  • Get vaccinated and take consultation for a booster. There have also been cases where even fully vaccinated people also got infected. Maybe because the validity of their earlier dose might expire.
  • Curtail visiting public places
  • Don’t forget to get your home disinfected

So, if someone in your known family or friends circle has just recovered from Covid-19 or Omicron, don’t be in a rush to meet that person. Take your time and let the dust of Omicron settle. Then, of course, you can meet and greet without any danger! But mind you, with your masks on, and with due physical distancing.

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