Feel the vibe when you chant Om. Here are its secret benefits

Om is a mantra or vibration and a meditation practice which can calm your anxious mind and tired body. Find out what more it can do.
How to use sound to heal
Aayushi Gupta Published: 21 Nov 2021, 08:00 am IST
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There is a mantra that is commonly used at the start and end of a yoga or meditation session. Can you guess its name? Yes, it’s Om. Though chanting Om may appear to be a small word, this mantra is believed to have high spiritual and creative power. In fact, according to the Hindu culture, it is called the first sound of the universe, and therefore believed to be the most important and powerful sound in the universe.

This is a great practice that energises the body and mind at the same time. When chanted correctly, it fills the body with a lot of positivity, calmness, and energy. Yoga expert Grand Master Akshar says, “Chanting of Om can be considered as a practice of the collective consciousness. Chanting Om daily has the ability to raise your vibration and increase your frequency and energies.” 

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He adds, “Chanting of Om brings you closer to the source (or God). This connection between you and the source stimulates a chemical within you that causes bliss and happiness.”

This powerful mantra has some amazing benefits and protects us from all negative energies and thoughts. In fact, a recent study proves that listening to the chants of Om at 432 Hz frequency can prove to be extremely beneficial for your mental and physical well being.

Here are innumerable benefits to the chanting of Om, according to the Grand Master Akshar
  1. It improves your sleep quality
  2. Removes any stress and makes you free from anxiety 
  3. Helps you to balance your emotions and to remain calm even during stressful situations 
  4. Chanting Om brings better focus 
  5. It improves your memory and concentration power 
  6. Builds positive energies and makes you more optimistic 
  7. Helps you to stay away from negative emotions like anger 
  8. If you have a stomach ache, then chanting Om will be a remedy for you
  9. Chanting Om brings peace to the mind and wellness to your whole being 
  10. Plus, it also relaxes your body and brings down the blood pressure to the normal level and the heart beats with our regular rhythm
So how long should you chant Om to reap all the benefits of this practice?

Chanting Om creates vibrations throughout your body, which creates an energy that makes you calmer and happier. The more frequently you chant Om, the stronger your connection to the source becomes. 

chanting Om
Connecting with yourself through meditation can help you clear your mind. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Grand Master Akshar suggests, “Initially you can start with 108 times and slowly increase this to 200-300 and even chant up 1008 times once a month. The ideal time to chant Om is morning 6, 12 at noon and evening 6, this is known as Sandhya kal or a time of auspiciousness.” 

But it is also important to understand that the chanting of Om transcends time or any specific auspicious occasion. You can chant Om as many times as you would like and at any time of your convenience that you wish to. You can chant Om at any time of the day whenever you want to and this can be done by anybody. 

Om is a universal symbol and sound that belongs to everybody just like air and water. As long as you carry faith and believe in your heart then you will be able to gain the benefits of chanting Om,” says Grand Master Akshar.

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