This is the ONE thing you must do after every meal. Ready to find out?

While it is important to eat the right kind of meals and at the right time, following certain habits post-meals to have smooth digestion are imperative!
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Geetika Sachdev Updated: 30 Oct 2023, 13:44 pm IST
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We’ve often heard of the phrase ‘let food be thy medicine’. The food you eat can nourish you, and enhance your physical and mental well-being. But it is critical to eat the right food, and consume it at the right time. Furthermore, you MUST eat with full awareness, instead of being distracted by screens or constant chatter. But there’s also something else that’s equally important — any guesses? Yes, it is about what you do post-meals. And this ONE habit can really stand you in good stead. We are talking about walking at least 100 steps after consuming lunch or dinner. 

Parul Malhotra Bahl, nutritionist and certified diabetes educator, and founder at Diet Expression, tells HealthShots: Make sure you never lie down for a minimum of half an hour post meals. In fact, a 10-15 minutes of stroll post meals is advisable to support smooth digestion,” she adds.

This habit also helps to improve metabolism, and drives away any kind of laziness post-meals. 

Are there any other habits that MUST be followed post-meals?

Bahl shares some habits that should be followed post-meals not just for better digestion, but also good gut health and dental hygiene. 

1. Gargle post-meals

“You must gargle with water post-meals, so that left over particles (that can cause cavities in the long-term) stuck in between gums and the teeth get washed away,” she explains.

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2. Chew on saunf and gulkand

One can also chew a teaspoon of saunf mixed with mint or gulkand, since they help in the digestive process. Bahl shares that gulkand has brilliant antacid properties, when taken in small quantities. 

3. Do not drink water immediately after meals

“That’s because it neutralizes the acid in the stomach, which is necessary for complete digestion at that time. Give a gap of minimum 20 minutes,” explains Bahl. 

4. Do not consume fruits after meals

It is an additional carbohydrate intake. This is often the main reason for gaining weight. “If you crave for a little sweet, gulkand would do the needful. You can even take one small piece of raw jaggery, which is low in calories and aids digestion,” she says. 

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5. Say NO to caffeine

Discontinue the habit of any tea or coffee right after meals, as tannins in tea and caffeine in coffee will not allow the absorption of iron from the meals you consume.

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So ladies, follow these habits post-meals, and you will stay healthy and happy!

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