Unlock 1.0: Before you step out, memorize these 6 rules to reduce your risk of covid-19

Lockdown might be over but covid-19 is spreading more aggressively than ever. So, follow this expert-backed rule book to protect yourself and your family from SARS-CoV-2.
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The chances of trasmission through asymtomatic patients is POSSIBLE! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 3 Jun 2020, 10:52 am IST
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The news that we have all been waiting for came last week. The lockdown era is coming to an end and we are being ushered into “Unlock 1.0”. But sadly, there is no drop in the number of coronavirus cases. And that’s why you still need to be cautious and follow these tips to prevent covid-19, especially during this “unlocking”.

To reduce your risk of contracting covid-19, we got Dr Jinendra Jain, consultant physician at Wockhardt Hospital to suggest how you can stay safe. 

“We need to understand that the lockdown may be over but the pandemic is not. In fact, the virus has higher concentration now. There are more cases and we need to abide by these rules to avoid this infection,” he explains. 

Here are his suggestions on how you can stay safe: 

1. Don’t let loose so soon
Yes, you must be excited that the lockdown is over but stepping out of the house unnecessarily can be an open invitation for the covid-19 infection. “You must avoid stepping out of your home. You might be an asymptomatic carrier and stepping out might put other people at risk,” says Dr Jain.

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Place your bet on N95 mask if you want to stay away from the havoc of novel coronavirus. Image courtesy: Shutterstock.

2. Don’t use public transport
“Yes, offices are open in some states, and in case you are asked to attend the office then use your own vehicle to travel. Traveling in public transport can still be risky,” advised Dr Jain.

3. Precaution comes first
According to our expert, lockdown or not, you still need to follow all the preventive guidelines to the T if you want to prevent contracting this infection. Wearing a mask, sanitizing your hands, maintaining social distancing, and washing hands for 20 seconds–don’t skimp on any of these rules.

Follow the rules of social distancing if you are stepping out.

4. Adhere by the official guidelines
“According to the government, if you are going to your office then you might have been given a separate rule book to follow inside and outside the premises. The key is to follow that too,” says Dr Jain. “Although it is still too soon to attend the office according to me,” he added.

5. Consume a healthy diet and sleep well
Dr Jain suggests that eating healthy meals and sleeping for seven to eight hours is a must. “This will not just protect you from covid-19 infection but it will also build your immunity for non-covid infections as well,” explains Dr Jain.

6. Download the Aarogya Setu app
“Everyone should have this app on their phones, especially, if they are on the go. Also, always keep the bluetooth of your phone on so that you can get to know about the covid-19 positive people around you,” recommends Dr Jain.

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“Apart from the above tips please don’t touch any surfaces if you are traveling in public transport. The sad part is people are taking this disease for granted but we need to understand that “unlock” doesn’t mean that our life is back on track. It might take some time so you have to be a little patient and follow these rules if you are stepping out,” he concludes. 

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Also, sanitise your mobile phone from time to time as covid-19 virus can last on glass surfaces for long. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Do you know that according to the Ministry of Health, there are 1,01,497 active cases as of 3rd June 2020? So, please don’t rush to get out of your house. And even if you need to step out, please remember that danger is still lurking outside and that you need to be cautious at every step.

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