Burning sensation in your throat? Try these 5 home remedies to heal faster

A burning throat could be because of many reasons including heartburn, acid reflux, or throat infection. Here are 5 home remedies to tackle it.
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Try these 5 home remedies to treat burning throat. Image courtesy: Freepik
Aayushi Gupta Published: 15 Feb 2023, 08:59 am IST
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Is the burning sensation in the back of your throat bothering you? Well, it could be because of something spicy you had or pollution. Even though it’s not a symptom of anything serious, it can make you feel extremely uncomfortable. In some cases, it might make it difficult for you to even speak or eat. Fortunately, you can treat it at home. Here are some home remedies to help you deal with a burning throat.

Health Shots asked Dr P Venkata Krishnan, Internal Medicine, Artemis hospital Gurugram, to find out a few home remedies to ease the burning sensation in your throat.

Causes of burning throat

The burning sensation in your throat can be caused by:

  • Pollution
  • Very hot food or fluids
  • Spicy food
  • Severe acid reflux from the stomach
  • Throat infection
  • Small ulcers
  • Allergic reactions to certain food items

Home remedies to treat burning sensation in the throat

Here are 7 best home remedies that can be used for instant relief from the irritation and burning sensation in your throat:

1. Honey

Honey is a remedy that is suggested by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for throat burning. The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of honey are known to kill the bacteria or virus that is causing a burning sensation in your throat, which could be due to a throat infection. You can eat two teaspoons of it or mix it with warm herbal tea.

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Honey is a very beneficial home remedy for a throat infection! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Gargle with warm water

Gargle with a cup of warm water and 1/4 teaspoon of salt. You can do this when your throat hurts or itches. Using salt causes your throat tissues to release fluid, which aids in the virus’s removal and allows mucus to drain itself. It might reduce acid production and ease gastrointestinal discomfort also. Apart from this, drink as much as water you can throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated and avoid irritation in your throat.

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3. Cold milk

One of the best relievers for stomach and throat burning is a glass of cold milk. Its calming and cooling effect might ease the sensation and numb the discomfort. Additionally, it contains plenty of electrolytes and is rich in calcium, both of which can combat dehydration and digestive problems. It can also ease a sore throat and aid in reducing swelling.

4. Mint

The herb peppermint possesses antiviral, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties have calming and numbing qualities that can eliminate bacteria, fungi, and viruses that are the root of the problem. Since acidity and heartburn can also cause a burning throat, mint helps to lessen the production of acid in the stomach as well, easing the burning feeling.

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Include this aromatic herb in your diet right about now. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Soft food diet

Due to their relaxing effect, some foods and beverages can help to relieve the burning sensation in your throat. Consume foods like egg whites, yogurt, ginger, and oats. You can drink herbal broth, soup, vegetable smoothies, and non-caffeinated drinks. Hot tea with honey can help. Keep in mind not to overindulge in any meal or beverage. You can even consult your doctor for dietary suggestions to soothe a burning throat.

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6. Avoid irritants

Whatever the reason, if your throat is burning it is really essential that you eat a healthy diet and avoid foods and habits which can irritate your throat. So avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, going to dusty places, eating warm, spicy or acidic foods, coffee or tea, and junk foods. Instead, try to keep your throat relaxed as much as possible and eat something soft and healthy which can not affect your throat in any way.

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7. Eat a popsicle

Eat a popsicle but not in the case of throat infection as it can worsen your symptoms. If the burning sensation in your throat is triggered by acid reflux or eating spicy and warm foods, you can try eating a popsicle. The ice-cold popsicle can provide instant relief by numbing the pain or burning sensation with its cold effect. You can even try iced tea and cold water to help your throat.

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Have a popsicle! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Experiencing a burning sensation in your throat once in a while is not a case of an underlying condition. If a burning throat persists for longer than a week, pay your doctor a visit. This could be a sign of a throat infection, the flu, or a number of other serious conditions that require medical care.

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