Best footrests to work with comfort: 10 top choices for you!

Check out this list of the best footrests for office and other work and improve your comfort, posture and alleviate leg fatigue.
Try the best footrests for office to work with comfort. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock.
Tanya Shree Updated: 3 Jul 2024, 04:47 pm IST
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Do you often end up with swollen feet at the end of the day? This may be a sign of leg fatigue and poor circulation. But what if we tell you there is a way to transform your work routine, improve your posture and promote relaxation? A footrest may be the solution for you. These tools are specially designed to promote better posture and alleviate pain. They are often made with different materials like plastic, wood, metal, memory foam and more. Ideal for home and office use, footrests can help enhance your health and improve your comfort during prolonged sitting. They can improve blood circulation, reduce the risk of varicose vein thrombosis, and prevent swelling and discomfort. We have compiled a list of the best footrests for office chairs, which can help you say goodbye to painful work hours.

10 best footrests for office and home use

Check out this list of the best under-desk footrests in India and pick the one that suits your needs:

1. The White Willow FootRest for Office Desk

Enhance your comfort and alleviate leg pain by using one of the best under desk footrests. The White Willow FootRest for Office Desk promises to provide your feet with the most comforting lounging experience. Made using high-resilience memory foam, this footrest may provide therapeutic cushioning and a comfortable feel. It may help absorb the weight of your feet, improve blood flow, and relieve pain in the knees, calves, ankles and soles.

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2. PALO Ergonomic Footrests

PALO Ergonomic Footrests are specially designed to easily adjust to different angles. It may provide you great comfort while working and transform your office day. This office footrest features an anti-skid base, which helps to keep it in place. The texture of this under-desk footrest for swollen feet can provide massaging benefits. Made using high-impact polystyrene material, the brand claims that this product is clinically recommended and can help you sit in a good working position.

3. FOVERA Foot Rest for Office Desk

FOVERA Foot Rest for Office Desk is ergonomically designed to disperse pressure evenly, relax muscles and elevate feet. This footrest for the office chair may help relieve soreness, and support thighs and legs. It provides proper support to your legs, and feet and reduces pressure on your lower back and hips. Regular use of this product may also improve blood circulation. Made from the right combination of premium memory foam and high-density super-soft foam, this footrest may enhance your comfort.

4. OGNIJA Sheesham Wooden Footrest

OGNIJA Sheesham Wooden Footrest promises to give you a feeling of relaxation at work and improve your posture and blood circulation by keeping your feet and legs up. It is crafted from natural Sheesham wood, which makes it lightweight and sturdy. This footrest may help to reduce fatigue and relieve discomfort in the shoulders or back. It features a heavy-duty wooden frame, which can hold up to 300 lbs.

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5. Plexda Adjustable Foot Rest

PLexda Adjustable Foot Rest can be used as a foot pillow, leg pillow and lumbar cushion. It may help to release your legs freely while sleeping. By evenly dispersing pressure, this footrest may help relax your muscles, keep your thighs and legs vertical and relieve sore feet. It is engineered with high-density foam to provide optimal support. This footrest cushion may also keep your feet and legs elevated to relieve muscle tension, promote blood circulation and prevent swelling legs.

6. Grin Health Orthopedic Foot Rest

Grin Health Orthopedic Foot Rest is made using high-resilience foam. It may provide ultimate comfort and support at your desk while working. The mesh cover of this footrest can wick moisture away from your feet, and keep you cool and dry all day. It may improve blood circulation, reduce fatigue, and improve your sitting posture.

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7. Metron Dual-Height Under-Desk Foot Rest

Metron Dual-Height Under-Desk Foot Rest might be a good choice as it promises to enhance your comfort with adjustable height. It is designed for people, who spend prolonged hours at a desk. It features high-density foam strikes, which can help strike the right balance, and offer comfort and support. This footrest has a high-quality sponge for support, a breathable 3D air mesh fabric cover and a non-slip rubber bottom.

8. Plexda Adjustable Foot Rest for Office Chair

Plexda Adjustable Foot Rest for Office Chair has adjustable height and offers comfort. This footrest has bumps and rollers on the surface, which can massage the soles of your feet and relax your body. Regular use of this footrest may help relieve stress, reduce discomfort and improve blood circulation. It may help relieve muscle tension and prevent swelling of the legs as well.

9. Scalebeard Under Desk Footrest with Massage Surface

Scalebeard Under Desk Footrest with Massage Surface may help you relax your legs. It features roller massage particles, adjustable height and a non-slip bottom. This rectangular-shaped footrest may help promote circulation and prevent swelling, pain and discomfort.

10. HASTHIP Adjustable Height Foot Rest

HASTHIP Adjustable Height Foot Rest might be a good choice for you. Made from down material, this footrest stool features 6 adjustable heights, a small practical massage and 4 large massage rollers. This desk foot rest is designed to relieve the soreness and numbness in your legs. It is sturdy, durable and has a nice friction grip.

How to use a footrest?

  • Start by adjusting the size of the footrest. Ensure that the footrest is adjusted to a height where you feel comfortable.
  • Place the footrest under your desk or workspace so that it supports your feet continuously.
  • Make sure to rest your feet flat on the footrest to feel comfortable while working.
  • Sit back comfortably in your chair with your back supported.
  • Keep changing your leg position or sitting posture throughout the day to feel comfortable while working.

What are the benefits of using footrests for offices?

  • Promotes good posture: By elevating the feet and keeping them flat, a good footrest helps to align the spine, and reduce the tendency to slouch or hunch over the desk. This helps support the natural curve of the spine, prevent back pain, and neck pain and promote better posture.
  • Reduces lower back pain: They support the feet and reduce pressure on the lower back. By distributing weight more evenly, footrests help alleviate strain on the lumbar region and reduce the development of lower back pain.
  • Enhances circulation: These products can help promote better blood circulation, preventing the development of conditions like varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis.
  • Increases comfort: By providing a comfortable resting place for the feet, footrests help reduce fatigue and discomfort during long work hours. They help to keep you motivated and productive at work.
  • Prevents static postures: They encourage movement by producing a platform for feet to shift and change positions. It helps reduce the risk of stiffness and soreness associated with prolonged static postures.

How to choose the best footrests for office chairs?

Here are a few things that you must remember while buying a footrest for your office:

  • A good footrest must be adjustable. Make sure that the product can be adjusted to various heights and angles.
  • Check the material of the product as it can impact your comfort and durability. Plastic footrests are affordable, lightweight and easy to maintain. Metal footrests are durable and stable. Wooden footrests offer a natural look and sturdy support. Memory foam footrests provide comfort and reduce pressure points.
  • Ensure that the footrests for office come with large surface areas to accommodate your feet. Look for footrests with a non-slip base to ensure that it stays in place.
  • Check the features of the footrests. Look for footrests that are made using breathable material, and have built-in massage rollers and other features to reduce stiffness and promote relaxation.
  • Set a budget and then evaluate the products. Make sure to buy the product that offers maximum advantages in your budget.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • What materials are used in footrests?
    Footrests are made from various materials like plastic, metal, memory foam and wood. Each one has different specifications like plastic is affordable and easy to maintain, metal is durable and stable, wood gives a natural aesthetic and memory foam provides maximum comfort by contouring to feet.
  • Are footrests good for knees?
    Footrests are beneficial for knees as they help maintain proper leg alignment. They may also reduce pressure on the knees, improve circulation, and prevent discomfort and strain during prolonged sitting hours.
  • Is it good to use footrests?
    Yes, using a footrest has several benefits. It can help improve blood circulation, and posture and alleviate discomfort. It can keep your feet planted and help you feel more comfortable. Regular use of footrests can also help relieve pain, and swelling and promote a more neutral posture.
  • What is the proper height for a footrest?
    The exact height of the footrest depends on your comfort and how you would like to use it. But generally, it should be about 10 per cent of your total height. So, while choosing a footrest, make sure to consider its adjustability factor as it can impact your overall comfort.

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Top footrests for office

Top Features Compared Material Price
The White Willow FootRest For Office Desk HR Foam Adjustable Footrest,Foot Rest Under Table,Foot Rest For Office Chair, Leg Rest For Office Chair,Office Desk Accessories With Dual Height (5"&7")Black High resilience foam 1,643
PALO Ergonomic Footrests (PALO001) Polystyrene 1,695
FOVERA Foot Rest for Office Desk Memory Foam Under Desk Pillow - 4 Inch & 6 Inch Adjustable Foot Rest for Office, Home | Keeps Legs Relaxed While Working (Velvet Black, 6 Inch) memory foam 1,449
OGNIJA Sheesham Wooden Footrest | Under Desk Portable Step Stool for Home and Office | (35 * 30 * 10 C.M.) Wood 1,125
Plexda Adjustable Foot Rest Under Desk with Added Height | Ergonomic Footrest Pillow for Office Chair | Leg Resting Cushion Stool Under Table and Sofa with Washable Mesh Cover (Adjustable Foot Rest) High quality density foam 1,649
Grin Health Orthopedic Foot Rest Under Desk Support Firm Foam Foot Cushion Footrest for Office Home Travel, Non-Slip Bottom-18x10x5 Inch (Black) High resilience foam 1,199
METRON Dual-Height Under-Desk Foot Rest: 2 Height Settings (5" And 7") For Added Elevation|Ergonomic Foot Rest For Office Chairs|Leg Cushion Foot Rest For Under-Table Support|Washable Cover|Pack Of 1 Polyurethane 1,395
Plexda Adjustable Foot Rest for Office Chair with Massage Texture and Roller | Ergonomic Footrest Under Desk with 6 Heights | Leg Resting Stool for Home, Office Table and Sofa (Plexda, 6 in 1, -001) PVC 1,699
Under Desk Footrest with Massage Surface Ergonomic 6 Height Position Adjustable Foot Stool with Firm Non-Slip Legs for Home Office PVC 1,499' 1,618
HASTHIP® Adjustable Height Foot Rest, Foot Rest Under Desk with Massage Texture and Roller, Relieve Stiffness, Numbness, Promote Leg Circulation, Relieve Leg Pressure, Black Down
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