Avoid dehydration in winter with these easy tips

You may not feel like drinking too much water in the winter season, but make sure you drink enough. Dehydration can be problematic.
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Parmita Uniyal Published: 20 Nov 2021, 11:23 pm IST
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Don’t reduce the intake of water in winter season as one can get dehydrated even when the temperatures are low. Although there is less sweating in winter, our body can still lose moisture. Here are easy ways to hydrate yourself in winter season.

With the advent of winter season, our water intake may come down without us even realising as we may not feel thirsty as frequently as in summer months. It however doesn’t mean that our body requires less fluids in winter. While there is less sweating in winter season, our body loses more moisture as the air around us is dry and there is increased fluid loss through urine.

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“Usually, the consumption of water is less in winters in comparison to summers as the thirst to drink water decreases. There is also a common misconception in people that the body requires less fluids in the cold weather, though it’s not true. As temperatures begin to drop due to the winter season, the air around us to becomes drier and our bodies receive less moisture. According to European Hydration Institute, body fluid losses in the cold temperature can be as high as those in hot climates because of energy expenditure, increased fluid loss through urine and use of heavy clothing,” says Bala Krishna Reddy Dabbedi is a fitness expert and Co-founder, Director at Fittr.

How much water our body needs everyday

On an average an individual needs 3.7 litres or little above on that or 125 ounces of water every day for staying hydrated. Though the need of water intake may vary from person to person, but the same also depends on a few factors including activity level and the environment a person resides in.

“Other than the essential body functions, drinking water also curbs hunger and helps you maintain weight. In any season, drinking four to five litres of water daily is beneficial,” says the fitness expert.

It’s imperative to compensate your body’s water supply in every season through the consumption of food and beverages containing adequate amounts of fluids.

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Here are easy tips by Dabbedi to stay hydrated during winter season:

Set reminders for having water: This can help you stay hydrated and keep you on track of your goals.

Include more fruits in your diet: Winter has some amazing fruit options and consuming fluid-filled fruits and vegetables such as orange, watermelon, pineapple, broccoli, and peaches is a good way to add more liquid in your daily diet.

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Rustle up some delicious soups: Eating homemade soups especially made with seasonal vegetables and herbs can improve your water intake.

Avoid alcohol: Limiting the consumption of alcohol can also help as it causes dehydration.

It is also important to assess your water expenditure according to the day-to-day activity levels. For instance, if you are performing high intensity workout then you need more water than a person with sedentary lifestyle or who performs less activity.

Keep sipping water: Thirst is a bad indicator of dehydration. The body shows signals of thirst only when one has reached the high level of dehydration in the body, hence it is imperative to keep sipping water throughout the day.

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