These 4 things could be making your hangover hellish, so STOP right now

Hangovers are tough to begin with, but certain things can make your headache worse and cause the uncomfortable feeling of nausea.
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Grace Bains Updated: 15 May 2021, 05:43 pm IST
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We all love to party it out with our friends, especially during the holiday season. A good party leaves us with unforgettable memories, stronger friendships and so many moments to cherish. Now, many people include alcohol at their parties. For some, it makes it easier to open up to others and for others, it helps them make more memories. The reasons people drink at a party might be different, but there is one thing it results in: hangovers!

No one looks forward to a splitting headache and nausea after a party. Yet, most people have experienced that dreadful event known as a hangover. To be honest, the term does justice to the instance in entirety. It can actually leave you regretting the party, instead of leaving you with good memories. So, do you give up on drinking? Not at all!

You do, however, need to take care of certain things to ensure that you minimise your risk of developing a hellish hangover. Here are 4 things that can make your hangovers worse and must be avoided at all costs:

1. Not drinking enough water before the party begins

Many of us are guilty of not drinking the required eight glasses of water even on a normal day, let alone before we step out to party. This, however, has some horrible consequences the very next day. You see, alcohol is dehydrating and it’s this very nature that is the main culprit behind that splitting headache you experience, upon waking up after a whole night of drinking. The thing is that this headache can be much worse, if you’ve not consumed enough water because it will only exacerbate the alcohol’s dehydrating effect on your system.

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2. Drinking on an empty stomach

Gearing up for a party entails wrapping up work, picking out the perfect outfit and grooming, all in a day! This often leaves us with no time to eat, and we end up thinking we’ll have a heavy meal at the party. However, we all know how that goes! Drinking on an empty stomach won’t just make you get drunk faster, but will also mess up with your digestive system. You see, alcohol is known to irritate the stomach lining but what most people don’t know is that it can also delay the movement of digested food to your bowel, along with leading to the production of excessive acid. All these changes in your system caused by alcohol can lead to nausea and vomiting, and that’s our least favourite thing about partying.

3. Drinking too many glasses too quickly

So many of us are guilty of this! It could happen due to playing drinking games, the energetic vibe of the crowd, a bad breakup, or just out of habit. The bottom line is that it can ruin the next day. Your body needs time to absorb the alcohol, and give you that ‘happy’ high. However, drinking too many glasses of alcohol too quickly with no breaks in between, can send your body into overdrive. You can end up blacking out early into the party and lose out on your coordination abilities, causing you to become the drunken person no one wants to party with. It can cause severe discomfort in the morning in the form of feeling nauseous, a heavy head and vomiting. In severe cases, it can also cause alcohol poisoning.

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4. Using fizzy drinks as mixers

Well, who doesn’t like their choice of alcohol mixed with their favourite fizzy beverage? The thing, however, is that fizzy drinks increase the rate at which alcohol gets absorbed in the blood. It can make you feel drunk fairly quickly. Have too much of this concoction and it will irritate your stomach. In addition, fizzy drinks often cause us to feel full and avoid eating. We’ve already talked about how that could be disastrous in the aftermath of a party.

Go drink, but with caution!

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