These 5 signs and symptoms scream that you need a break from your daily routine

If you’re someone who has experienced these feelings, it’s probably likely that you really need a break. Here’s what you need to know
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You need a break to give your mind and body some rest. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Sheetal Shaparia Published: 8 Sep 2021, 09:00 am IST
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From managing work-life boundaries, deadlines to meet, migrating to online learning for school children, and errands to run to dealing multiple things during the pandemic, the last year has been hard on people in so many ways. A break in order to collect yourself could be exactly what you need to become more efficient. 

Working too hard can sometimes result in burnout. Even your mobile phone needs a break and a recharge when used too much, and you’re a human being with more responsibilities than a palm-sized phone. 

Here are five warning signs to rest your mind in the moment, and reward yourself with the difference it makes in your life.

You find it difficult to focus

Sometimes, your emotions can become overwhelming, making it hard to focus on things that really matter. You might often find yourself distracted from work very easily. You might also see that your mind wanders, when you’re reading a passage in a report or cooking for your family or performing any regular task from your routine. In this case, you may want to give yourself some more distance to allow your mind to recuperate from your previous task.

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You complain too often

When you’re overloaded with something, it’s quite common and obvious to be negative. Everything around you feels like a burden or a headache. You might as well find things you once loved a little annoying, and find yourself in situations where you feel like everything is wrong. If you feel you are complaining about the little things that didn’t really matter before, this might be a sign that you need to take some time off for your mental peace.

signs you need a break,
You can reduce stress by saying ‘no’ to work when you feel overworked. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
You feel drained

Although it’s good to recognize how you feel, it becomes concerning when it’s a feeling that makes you constantly sad and demotivated. With endless thoughts running in your mind and the anxiety that comes with them, it’s only understandable that you feel everything but at peace. You often find yourself tired, demotivated, burned out or in “I don’t feel like doing anything” mood. 

Little or no social life

If you are missing your children’s events, missing momentous occasions that involve your best friends, and if your family has no idea where you are at, a break is a must. This is because you’re so caught up with your routine that you have no time to consider or even look at other things. It might so happen that you forget you had a plan to meet a friend. You need to realise how crucial it is for you to keep interacting with your loved ones about something other than just your responsibilities. 

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You’re too concerned about your to-do list

Your day begins with a list of responsibilities for the day, yet you are always one step behind, a little bit late and completely stressed about it all. It becomes difficult for you to set your eyes on something other than the list. Here, the list is not necessarily a piece of paper filled with tasks, it could even be things in your mind that you find the need to complete anyhow, come what may. It’s time to give yourself and the to-do list needs a break too.

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signs you need a break
Restore work-life balance to keep yourself mentally healthy. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
How to actually take a BREAK?

The answer is simple. Self-care!

  • Firstly, take off some days for yourself and try to get mental peace in things that really matter to you. Instead of engaging yourself in different activities the entire day just to make yourself feel better, do things one by one and take it real slow. 
  • Secondly, engage yourself in meaningful activities like spending some time with your parents, partner, children or a friend. Watch and read some light-hearted content, cook for yourself, sleep enough or go on a holiday, if you can. Do anything and everything that makes you happy even if it’s something as simple as sipping your coffee out on the balcony and enjoying the view. But remember, do it one by one and take time.
  • Last but not the least, when you get back to your routine after this break, change it. Lighten the burden and make sure that you perform your daily tasks, while also taking some time off each day for yourself.

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