Sweaty palms troubling you? Here are 6 probable reasons why according to an expert

Published on:11 September 2020, 18:09pm IST
Your palms have sweat glands like other parts of your body, but if you’re experiencing excessively sweaty palms, then it’s the time to understand the reasons behind it.
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Living with sweaty palms can be really troublesome. Here’s what a doctor says about it. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
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Having sweaty palms is one of the most inconvenient things you can suffer from. From smudges all over your exam answer sheets and leaving your phone slippery to the awkward handshakes, it is a condition that leaves you in discomfort and conscious.

Understanding the reason behind the sweating is the first step towards finding a solution for it. So, we talked to Dr Ajay Aggarwal, senior consultant endocrinologist at the Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi and he explained, “Just like other body parts, our palms sweat as well. This sweating is triggered by environmental, emotional or medical factors.”

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The doctor told us about 6 probable reasons behind the profuse sweating:

1. Emotional triggers like anxiety, stress and nervousness
“If you’re in a stressful or uncomfortable situation, it will act as a trigger. Anxiety triggers palm-sweating in many people,” says Dr Agarwal. The sudden adrenaline rush in the body results in sweaty palms. This happens as a result of your body’s response to perceived danger.

2. Environment triggers like hot and humid weather
There’s no denying that hot and humid weather makes us sweat a lot. Whether it’s your armpits, or neck or palms, hot weather could also be the reason behind your sweaty palms.

3. Lifestyle factors
A poor diet can lead to sweaty palms. Foods like garlic, onion and spicy foods trigger the sweat glands. Moreover, drinking and smoking stimulate the sweat glands, including those on your palms.

Your lifestyle, especially all the booze you drink can be the reason behind your sweaty palms. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Nicotine present in the cigarette can bind to neuron receptors in your nervous system after entering your body which can also be the reason behind profuse sweating.

4. Hormonal imbalance
Apart from affecting your mood and periods, it can also affect the nerve endings that stimulate your sweat glands. So, if you have a thyroid disorder, PCOS, or any other hormonal issues, it could be causing sweaty palms.

“If the sweating has started in adulthood, it must be investigated and you should get tested for thyroid levels,” suggests Dr Agarwal

6. Medical triggers
Dr Agarwal says, “Even something as minor as fever can cause profuse palm sweating.” If these factors don’t seem to apply to you, there might be some underlying health condition like hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis is a condition that causes sweat on palms, feet, and other body parts.

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This disease can be easily treated. So, do not forget to see your doctor in such a case. Dr Agarwal also advises keeping your hand clean.


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