So what if you’re indoors, you still need to drink 8 glasses of water. Here’s why

Do you know that even over-hydrating yourself can be fatal for your health? Learn how much water you need to flush out those toxins and stay healthy from our expert.
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Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 17 May 2020, 11:15 am IST
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Shout out loud if you know how much water you really need to drink every day. Do we hear seven glasses? Okay, then our next question to you is how did you come to that number?

Well, we see that you have got your thinking hats on. But won’t it be better if an expert helps you out with it? That’s why we’ve got one for you. 

Say hello to clinical nutritionist Lovneet Batra who will tell you how much water is just the right amount of water for you. 

First things first, what’s the right quantity of water one must consume?
According to our expert, the quantity might vary but having 8 to 12 glasses of water is a must. “The best thing you can do is to hydrate yourself as soon as you wake up. Also, just sipping plain water might not be that helpful, therefore you can add lemon, salt, and a little bit of sugar to keep your electrolyte level up”, says Lovneet.

Take a pee test to know your water in-take limit
If you think that drinking too much water will keep you healthier than others, let us tell you that according to our expert even over-hydrating yourself can be fatal.

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Now, you must be wondering then how to know how much is too much? Simple, just check the color of your urine.

According to Dr Lovneet:

1. If you have dark coloured urine, then you are dehydrated and you need to increase your water intake.

2. If it is clear then you are overhydrated and you need to take it a little slow. “Overhydration puts a lot of pressure on your bladder plus it can lead to hyponatremia, where sodium drops to a dangerously low level in your body. Sodium is responsible for blood circulation in your body and if it dips majorly then your blood pressure can drop, you can feel nauseous, and dizzy”, explains Lovneet.

3. If your water is light yellow in color then you are good to go and your water levels are maintained.

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Take a pee test to see how much water your body needs. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

“The quantity of water may vary when you are indoor like these days but not much. You still sweat, our body loses moisture in the form of water vapour, and when you workout you lose a lot of water along with sodium, so you need to replenish your body accordingly”, she adds. 

This is how you can charge up your fluid level
“Summer is the best time to enjoy fruits and veggies that are loaded with water. You can have muskmelon, watermelon, ghiya (bottle gourd), tori (ridged gourd), cucumber, buttermilk, and sweet lime,” suggests the clinical nutritionist.

She added:

You can make smoothies, slushes, and juices at home as well.

Apart from that, here are a few things that Lovneet would like to drive your attention to:

  • Be seated while you drink water as it will help in better absorption.
  • Never gulp water in one go. Sip it slowly and steadily.
  • Never drink water along with your meal as it will dilute the digestive juices.
  • Always have it half an hour before you meal.

So, there you go! Now, you know how much water you are meant to drink even if you are stuck indoors.  

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