We asked 6 women about their post-Covid symptoms. What they shared was shocking

Those of you who think that covid-19 is just another bimari are highly mistaken. These women have something to share with you about their post journey post contracting the infection.
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Covid-19 isn’t a joke, so stop treating it like that! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 18 Aug 2021, 07:00 am IST
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Are you also one of those who’s enjoying his/her life in full swing? Are you ignoring the fact that covid-19 is still here? Well, we have something for you.  We very well know that covid-19 causes severe symptoms during its incubation, but there’s more. The problem is that even after recovery, the novel coronavirus can wreak havoc with your health.

Don’t believe us? Here are six women who have horrific tales to share, even after recovering from covid-19.

1. Priyanka (38) struggled with heart issues due to blood thickening

“I visited my sister at the hospital post her delivery, and started coughing. I also experienced a cold with a mild fever. After taking regular medicines, I got tested for covid-19 and I turned out positive with a CT value of 17. I literally had all possible symptoms of covid-19, but the scariest was when my oxygen levels dipped to 85.

But the real problem started in the post-recovery phase. After 10 days, I experienced breathlessness, fatigue, anxiety, headache, heart palpitation and some other issues, which were deemed ‘normal’ during the recovery phase. However, one fine day, I blacked out while working in the kitchen, and was left unconscious.

I got all my tests done, as recommended by the doctor, and got to know that my blood has started thickening. This was what was putting pressure on my heart. I immediately got my ECHO and ECG done, and my doctor put me on bed rest for 10 days and heavy blood thinners and anticoagulants.

post-Covid recovery
Heart issues are very common in people who got severe Covid-19 infection. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

It’s been almost three months now, and I’m still on thinners. Every month, I have to go for all heart and blood tests to check the improvement.

I have started meditation and walking in the morning, as heavy exercises are still restricted.”

2. Vartika (28) had fatigue, that too, during pregnancy

“It was really very traumatic when I was diagnosed with covid-19, because I was pregnant. I got so scared for my baby, because I had heard that it impacts its growth. Thankfully, my infection wasn’t as severe and after being quarantined for almost 17-18 days, my reports came out to be negative. But what happened post-recovery gave me sleepless nights. I was five months pregnant when all this happened.

Due to pregnancy, I was already tired all the time, but post-covid fatigue kicked in like anything. There were days when I couldn’t go to take a piss. Spending too much time in bed or lazing around became worrisome and I was reported with certain complications, after getting an ultrasound.

After consulting my doctor, I’ve now got my diet, intake of supplements, and exercises checked and I’m sticking to it. To be honest, I still feel tired. But I’m doing this for my baby, so fingers crossed!”

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3. My periods have gone for a toss, says Rashi (25)

“I think mujhe toh nazar lag gayi. I used to be a snob saying I don’t even get to know, when my monthlies come and go. They are right on time. There has never been any issue. Blah, blah, blah! And then I got covid-19. Unfortunately, it was a little severe. I was hospitalized for a week, as my oxygen levels dropped to 90. But thankfully, I recovered fast and came back home.”

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“After recovering, I didn’t realize that I missed my first period (post-covid), and no, I wasn’t pregnant. I literally freaked out and called up my friends. I asked around and got to know that my friends of friends also had issues with their periods. I consulted my gynae, who also ratified the same. After three weeks of waiting, I got my period and my god, they were a nightmare. I bled like a maniac and the pain was something I can’t even explain.”

“Since then my cycle has been a little erratic and I’m trying ways, medically, to get it back on track.”

4. I’ve lost my stamina, says Hemlata (27)

“I used to work out for hours, before getting infected by covid-19. But recovering from it, I have literally lost half of my stamina. After one hour of workout, I feel so breathless and tired that it becomes impossible for me to carry on. It was all because my lungs got affected severely during the second wave of the infection. After getting some scans and tests done, I came to know that my lungs are a little inflamed and there’s presence of some fluid. Now, even after six months of recovery, I’m on medication. I miss the old times!”

5. I’ve started forgetting stuff. Technically, I’m brain fogged, says Vibha (28)

“When I was diagnosed with covid-19, I would pray that I don’t get any of these stupid post-covid issues. Pun intended! Post recovering from the virus, I felt that I’m getting severe headaches. Not just that, I’ve started forgetting things. I’ve started putting notifications for everything because I find it hard to remember everything and everything. When I Googled these signs, I found out that this so-called post-covid symptom is called “brain-fog”.”

“No, I haven’t consulted the doctor but I’m taking online meditation tutorials. Maybe that helps me gain my brain power back.”

post-Covid recovery
Being forgetful tells a lot about your mental health. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
6. Manika (30) says that she can see her hair everywhere post-covid

“I think everyone who has had covid-19 is struggling with the problem of hair fall. Well, me too. It wasn’t that I didn’t have hair fall in the past, but after covid, it has worsened and how. From my pillow, shoulder, and even in my food, I can see hair strands.”

“Earlier, I had tried hair champi and hair masks, but it didn’t give me good results. I have also started eating a clean diet to ensure that my hair also gets nourishment from the inside. Now, I’m taking medical help, because it is high time. If I don’t do anything, then there will be no hair to experiment with.”

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