Travelling with your partner on Valentine’s Day? Here’s how to stay healthy

Planning to travel with your partner this Valentine's Day? Keep some things in mind so that you stay fit and healthy while travelling with your partner.
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Natalia Ningthoujam Published: 11 Feb 2023, 12:00 pm IST
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Thinking of Valentine’s Day ideas to impress your partner? How about going for a quick and short trip? You can do interesting things on the way and enjoy the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, which falls on February 14. Travelling with your partner is a great way to spend some quality time and getting to know each other better. But as you pack your bags and book tickets, don’t ignore your health. Falling ill while travelling with your loved one will ruin everything. So, keep certain things in mind before you travel with your partner this Valentine’s Day.

HealthShots reached out to Dr Vaishali Lokhande, Consultant, Internal Medicine, Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai, and Dr Rituparna Ghosh, Consultant, Psychology, Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai, to know how to stay healthy while travelling with your partner.

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Things to keep in mind to avoid health issues while travelling

1. Choose your clothing as per climate

Make sure to carry clothes according to your holiday location. If it’s cold, carry warm clothes that will cover your entire body. That means your mittens and boots to cover your hands and feet need to be packed! Remember, intimacy with your partner alone is not going to keep you cosy enough.

2. Regular medications

You should take your regular medications that have been prescribed by your physician. So, if you or your partner have blood pressure issue or diabetes, it’s better to put the medicines in your bag (tips for travelling with diabetes).

Dr Lokhande says that on a trip, it’s common to have heartburn due to outside food. A headache is also possible due to a changed routine. So, carry antacids, aspirin, and paracetamol. A small first aid kit including bandages, antiseptic liquid and anti-inflammatory balm should also be in your bag.

3. Insect repellents

Planning for an outdoor trip on Valentine’s Day? Insect repellents and appropriate clothing with head gear and eye protection should be with you. These can help to avoid insect bites and protect your eyes.

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Don’t let your health take a backseat while travelling with your partner. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Check food and water source

You can’t cook everything and take it with you. But eat food only from safe and clean places. Consider buying bottled water to avoid food poisoning and illness from contaminated water. Ensure that washrooms that you use look hygienic so that you don’t get any urinary tract infections and wash your hands regularly.

5. Sunscreen and hydration

A good quality sunscreen will help to avoid sunburn (ways to prevent sun damage). Outdoor activities may induce sweating and cause dehydration, so carry a bottle of water along with you and take sips from time to time.

6. Prepare your body

In case of planned high-altitude treks, acclimatisation prepares your body in advance to be physically fit to endure and enjoy the trip, says Dr Lokhande.

Benefits of travelling with your partner

It seems romantic to travel with your partner, especially on Valentine’s Day. Dr Ghosh says that travelling with your partner helps to build a healthy relationship. Couples who spend time together on a vacation have positive effect on their relationship. It helps them learn and grow together and maintain a strong bonding (tips to make your love bond stronger).

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Tips to maintain a healthy relationship while travelling with your partner

To have a smooth trip, follow these tips:

1. Involve your partner

It’s great if you involve your partner from the beginning of planning the trip. Take a look at both of your budget, timelines, and preferred destination, suggests Dr Ghosh.

2. Divide the responsibilities

Don’t do everything on your own, share responsibilities with your partner according to your individual strengths.

3. Combine bucket lists

Prepare a combined bucket list of what you want to do on the trip like water sports or hiking. Try to do and enjoy the activities which you and your partner like.

4. Communication on the way

Communicate with your partner if you feel uncomfortable, stressed, anxious for any reason. Don’t try to hide your feelings, and try to understand and ask your partner regularly on a trip if they are enjoying, or if they need anything.

Have the best time of your life as you celebrate love!

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