These 5 super simple stretches will help you combat neck pain with minimal effort

Free yourself from neck pain by practising these simple neck pain exercises that you can do anytime, anywhere.
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Grace Bains Updated: 25 Jan 2021, 16:55 pm IST
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A stiff and sore neck is a common phenomenon for most of us, considering our perpetually increasing screen time and long hours of being sedentary because of the nature of our work. 

A few tips can help avoid neck pain. For instance, refrain from the urge to thrust your head forward, when you walk towards your television or make your way to work on the computer. Moreover, try to elevate the level of your computer or laptop to eye level to alleviate pressure on your spine.

neck pain exercises
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In case of severe or persistent neck pain, consulting a doctor is the most prudent approach. Mild or moderate neck pain is manageable by just following a few simple stretching exercises. Therefore, to help you combat neck pain, we present to you five neck pain exercises that will help you tackle that stiffness and soreness:

  1. Forward and backward tilt
  • Start with your head and back straight (either standing or sitting), and lower your chin toward your chest. Hold for 15-30 seconds and slowly lift your head back up.
  • Tilt your chin up toward the ceiling and bring the base of your skull toward your back. Hold for 10 seconds, and then return to the start position.
  • Repeat the set at least ten times.
  1. Side Rotation
  • Start with your head and back straight, while standing and slowly turning your head to the right until you feel a stretch at the side of your neck and shoulder.
  • Hold the form for 15-30 seconds, and then slowly turn your head forward again.
  • Repeat the movement on your left side, and perform the set at least ten times.  
neck pain exercises
Move your neck to ease neck pain. Image courtesy: Nishtha Bijlani
  1. Seated clasping neck stretch
  • Sit on the floor or in a chair with your head stacked above your ribs, and your ribs above your pelvis.
  • Clasp your hands and bring both palms at the back of your head.
  • Now gently press your hands down toward your thighs, tucking your chin into your chest.
  • Hold the form for at least 30 seconds and do diaphragmatic breaths in and out, while performing the stretch.
  1. Upper trapezius stretch
  • Start by standing or sitting tall, placing one hand on your lower back, the other hand on the opposite side of your head.
  • Pull your head toward your shoulder, looking straight ahead, until you feel a stretch in your neck.
  • Hold the form for at least 30 seconds, and then repeat on the other side.
  • Repeat the set at least ten times.
  1. Shoulder roll
  • Raise your shoulders straight up, moving them in circles, going forward.
  • Repeat the movement six times, return to the start position, and make another six circles, this time going backwards.

Practise these exercises regularly, and see your neck pain vanish in no time!

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