Does fasting leave you constipated during Navratri? Here’s why and what you can do

Changes in your diet and lifestyle during Navratri can lead to constipation! But with a few tweaks here and there, you can avoid it.
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Team Health Shots Published: 8 Oct 2021, 09:55 am IST
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People often observe long fasting periods during Navratri (Navratri 2021) festivities. This 9-day fasting helps you to detoxify your body. But due to changes in your entire diet pattern, it can also cause problems like acidity and constipation. If you also feel irked by this problem every time, we’re here to tell you how to avoid it.

During fasting, people usually nosh on fruits, nuts and juices. The intake of other food items is very limited and that can lead to constipation. Your stomach is not cleaned, and it further leads to lethargy. Not just this, constipation, if not addressed at the right time, can become a risk for many other diseases. 

tips to avoid constipation during Navratri fasting
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Here are the reasons for constipation

There are many reasons for constipation during these 9 days of fasting.

1. Lack of fibre in the diet

No cereals are consumed during fasting. Due to this, there is a severe lack of fibre in your diet. You may have trouble passing bowel movements due to low fibre content.

2. Consuming more tea

At the time of fasting, people tend to consume more tea. Drinking more tea affects your intestine and it does not allow your food to get digested properly. This leads to constipation.

3. Staying up late at night

With Navratri come Dandiya or Garba Nights! People also frequent social gatherings like Mata ki Chowki or Jagrata. But sleeping late and waking early can ruin your digestion cycle. And then comes, constipation!

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4. Eating continuously

Many people start overeating during fasting. Due to a lack of food grains in the diet during these days, they are always hungry. Because of this, there is not much time between consumption of fruits. Your food takes time to digest and if you do not give it that time, it can cause constipation problems.

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Ways to avoid constipation during Navratri fast
1. Increase your intake of lemonade or fluids

Increase the intake of plain water during the fast. Along with this, you should drink liquids like lemonade, coconut water and buttermilk. This will cool your stomach and there will be no problem of constipation. It also increases the level of electrolytes in your body, which can help you stay energized all the time.

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tips to avoid constipation during Navratri fasting
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2. Reduce the amount of tea and coffee

Various rules are followed in fasting. Some people take only fruits while some drink tea or coffee to rid themselves of lethargy. Caffeine, present in both tea and coffee, can give you stomach problems. Constipation is natural if you consume more of them. It is better that you drink less tea and coffee during the fast.

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3. Make sure to consume curd

Often while fasting, people eat fried puris made of kuttu flour or water chestnut pudding at night. These can be very heavy on the stomach and take longer to digest. Ensure you soothe it with curd, a wonder element for the stomach.

4. Ensure proper gap between fruits and vegetables

Constipation can occur due to eating a lot of food at shorter intervals. It is important to give your stomach enough time for digestion. Therefore, if you feel hungry, eat only a small amount of snacks or fruits. Also, being hungry for a long time can also lead to acidity problems. So keep a proper time gap between your fruits and vegetables.

Ladies, take care of these little things during fasting and celebrate Navratri in all its glory!

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