5 reasons why building lean muscle is important for you

Building lean muscle has several health advantages, so it's not only about looking fit. Here are some benefits of gaining lean muscle.
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Lean muscle is important for you. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Natalia Ningthoujam Published: 8 Dec 2023, 04:30 pm IST
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Many people eat healthy and exercise to lose weight and look lean. When there is minimal fat content in muscle tissue, it is called lean muscle. It basically refers to the area of muscle that is free of fat. As it helps with metabolism, this kind of muscle is highly valued for its ability to promote overall health and a leaner body. Read on to know more about the benefits of building lean muscle.

What are the benefits of building lean muscle?

Having lean muscle is not just about appearance. It offers many health benefits!

1. Lean muscle improves weight management

Lean muscle is defined as a tissue with a lower amount of fat, indicating that it is metabolically active, says fitness expert Aminder Singh of Team Aminder. This suggests that lean muscle continues to burn calories even when you are not moving, giving your metabolism a steady boost all day. This promotes fat loss and improves weight management, all of which lead to a healthier body composition.

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Having lean muscle has benefits. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

2. Lean muscle promotes a healthy self-concept

People who are slender frequently express greater energy and confidence. There is a feeling of achievement, which in turn promotes a healthy self-concept and increased energy.

3. It helps to manage diabetes

Maintaining lean muscle mass is essential for managing diabetes. It can increase insulin sensitivity, which facilitates blood sugar regulation. People with lean muscle tend to maintain their weight well even though their calorie intake is increased because of the energy requirements of their muscle metabolism.

4. It improves joint health

Long-term advantages of lean muscle growth include improved joint health. Increased bone density strengthens joints and lowers the chance of injury when lean muscle is present. Better skeletal system support from stronger joints results in increased mobility and functionality. This encourages an active and independent lifestyle, which is particularly crucial as people get older.

5. Lean muscle fosters a positive body image

The aesthetic benefits can’t be ignored. Having lean muscle makes one appear more toned and sculpted, which improves physical attractiveness and helps in having a positive body image.

For general well-being, the focus should be on developing strength, functionality and a well-defined physique. As for gaining lean muscle, it is a comprehensive strategy for health that takes into account one’s mental and physical health.

How to build lean muscle?

Building lean muscle is a process that is gender-neutral and based on universally applicable fundamental concepts. Regardless of gender, muscle development is innate to the human body, says Singh.

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Eat healthy and do resistance training to build lean muscle. Image courtesy: Adobe stock

Here’s what to do:

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1. Eat healthy

An important factor in promoting muscular growth is nutrition. Fuel for muscular growth comes from a diet high in protein, complex carbohydrates and vital nutrients. Maintaining adequate hydration is also critical for general health and muscle performance.

2. Do resistance training

Lean muscle growth is largely dependent on resistance training. This entails hardening the muscles through activities that encourage hypertrophy and strength. It’s difficult for women to reach the same amount of muscle growth as men due to decreased testosterone levels, despite the misconception that they will grow too muscular. Resistance exercise is safe for women to do without worrying about gaining unduly large muscles.

Remember, diminished muscle mass can lead to low energy, sluggishness and trouble carrying out regular tasks. So, gain lean muscle mass by adopting a balanced lifestyle that incorporates a diet high in nutrients, plenty of water, and an organised resistance exercise regimen.

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