From lowering pain to reducing inflammation, Know the benefits of sun exposure

Got inflamed and painful joints or arthritis pain or inflammation? Try sun exposure and bid adieu to all these problems.
Natalia Ningthoujam Updated: 6 Nov 2023, 20:43 pm IST
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As temperatures are dipping and the sun is winking, enjoy a bit of sunlight!
Daily dose of sunshine will definitely keep the doctor away. You might fear that you will end up with tanned skin and then you will have to look for some skin care home remedies or lather up sunscreen. But sun exposure has a lot of benefits, and an expert vouches for it. Whether you have inflamed and painful joints, arthritis pain or inflammation, sun exposure will help a lot. No wonder why many experts prescribe sunlight to patients. Read on to know more about it.

A lot of cases of vitamin D deficiency is due to lack of outdoor sun exposure, and interestingly, the best-known benefit of sunlight is its ability to boost the body’s vitamin D production, according to Environmental Health Perspectives.

If there is insufficient vitamin D, your bones will become weak and your joints will pain.

In children, when bones aren’t formed properly, it causes rickets. It is a disease characterised by growth retardation and various skeletal deformities. It includes the hallmark bowed legs.

sunlight for vitamins D3 and K2
Many experts prescribe sunlight to their patients. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Luke Coutinho, a holistic lifestyle coach, took to Instagram to share that in his practice of integrative and lifestyle medicine, he and other experts prescribe sunlight to their patients. Let’s find out why!

Benefits of sun exposure

The benefits of sunlight exposure daily is amazing. People are in better mood, they have more energy, they sleep better and have lesser inflammation, which means lesser pain.

What sunlight exposes us to?

Sunlight exposes us to powerful infrared rays that are scientifically studied to reduce swelling, pain as well as inflammation.

According to Sunlight Institute, Ultraviolet-B is a spectrum of sunlight with many effects like the suppression of inflammation in the skin. Over the years, it has been used to treat skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis.

How long do you need to expose skin to sunlight?

Coutinho suggested to begin with as little as five minutes and then gradually build up to 15 minutes of early morning or even late evening sunshine.

Avoid it when the sun is at its peak as that can be harsh.

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sunscreen during monsoon
Avoid exposure to sun when it is at its peak. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

If not sunlight, try infrared lamp

Living in a cold country and having no access to sunlight? Invest in an infrared lamp. Infrared rays can pass through clothes. This is a boon for individuals with arthritis and the flare-ups that they might experience in winter.

According to Experimental Biology and Medicine, physical therapy (physiotherapy), which is an alternative medicine therapy, has been widely applied in diagnosing and treating various diseases. A lot of evidence suggests that non-invasive far-infrared rays, which is a vital type of physiotherapy, improve the health of patients with diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease and chronic kidney disease.

Journal of photochemistry and photobiology shared that the use of far-infrared saunas for medical treatment is based on deep skin-penetration of the radiation. This is to restore homeostasis of thermal regulation. In sedentary patients who are suffering from cardiovascular, respiratory problems or osteoarthritis, far-infrared saunas could be applied as an alternative to moderate exercise. They are known to produce therapeutic effects. There are also no adverse effects on weight loss, congestive heart failure, premature ventricular contractions or chronic fatigue.

Sunshine is free and found in abundance, so use it well and enjoy the benefits. If not then there’s infrared lamp.

Caution: Too much exposure to sunlight can also be harmful. Make sure to check with your doctor before basking in sunlight all day long!

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