Dead Butt Syndrome: How sitting for too long can be harmful to your health?

Did you know sitting for too long can lead to dead butt syndrome? This condition can affects more than just your butt. Read on to know more!
dead butt syndrome
Dead Butt Syndrome: How sitting for too long can be harmful to your health? Image Courtesy: Shutterstock
Natalia Ningthoujam Published: 4 Dec 2022, 04:30 pm IST
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When you sit too long, you end up having a lot of health problems. One of them is “Dead Butt Syndrome,” which happens when the gluteus medius, one of the three muscles of the butt, stops responding.

According to ResearchGate, “dead butt syndrome” is not really a true diagnosis or condition. It is widely searched on the internet, thanks to bloggers and social media outlets.

It’s true that there are times when the butts lose strength. Sedentary life or no physical activity would cause “Dead Butt Syndrome,” Dr Mickey Mehta, global leading holistic health guru and corporate life coach told Health Shots.

Your butt need to be strong

Butt rash in adults
Butts ought to be strong. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Many desire to have toned butts but it’s not all about the appearance! Butts actually support our entire torso and it connects the back with your legs and our upper body. So butts ought to be strong. “That’s required not just because that is appealing, but they also help in performance in terms of workouts and sports. They ought to be well-rounded. A fwell-rounded strong butt is a sign of a strong person,” said Mehta.

Strong glute muscles can generally give you much impetus in running, jogging and even swimming. In all these sports, butts get engaged and when they get engaged, they naturally get stronger. When they get stronger, they naturally give more support.

You might also feel knee and ankle pain

Along with lower back pain, knee and ankle pain can also manifest due to weak muscles, so the alignment and strengthening of the glute muscles as well as stimulating and twitching of those muscles regularly, will help you stay away from all these troubles.

Does a strong butt translate into a strong mind as well?

Without a doubt, a “strong lower body and torso translates into a strong mind as well,” said the expert, who also shared that bum help to gravitate and release physical stress too.

Strong butts connected with a strong lumbar region bring about a quality of anchoring in one’s own self-conviction and self-confidence.

Gluteus maximus medius and minimus are three muscles put together that are symbolic of strength in personalities, in one’s thought process, in one’s resolve and in one’s willpower.

“The gluteus medius generally helps in making your pelvis stable and if that becomes weak and dead, you could have a strain on your lower back,” explained Mehta. You could have backaches and issues emanating out of your spine too. Well, this can lead to misalignment of your back and this could be very hazardous to your future life in terms of your old age.

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What to watch out for while doing lower body workouts?

Whenever we do squats or any kind of lower body workouts, where we engage the glute muscles, we must make sure that we stretch them well.

squat variations
What to keep in mind while doing lower body workouts. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

There are exercises in yoga, where you squeeze the glute muscles and they also help us in controlling our bladder and bowel movement. “They give us a lot of courage. This happens as when guts as well as butts are connected and contracted together, and there is also pulling in the navel, they can form bandhas in yoga. Bandhas kriyas are very good for internal core strength, internal strength as well as internal willpower,” said Mehta.

To combat “Dead Butt Syndrome,” Mehta suggested some easy exercises like half squatting, ballet squatting, lunges and lunge walk.

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