Just got pierced? Keep these 6 tips in mind for better healing

Piercings require care and caution, especially when you get them done for the first time.
tips for piercing
Avoid infections and give way to healing! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Grace Bains Published: 16 May 2021, 10:30 am IST
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There is no denying that adorning oneself with piercings enhances your aesthetic in more ways than one! However, piercings also require certain responsibility, as its aftercare can be tedious and may lead to infections, if not done properly. There are various ways to care for your piercing, from cleaning them to removing them safely.

So ladies, if you have just got a piercing done and are wondering how to take care of it, then look no further, as we bring to you some tricks of the trade:

1. Wash your hands

Yes, a simple yet effective tip. Wash your hands thoroughly with an antibacterial soap, before touching your ears. This will prevent you from transferring bacteria to your ears or any other area, where you got the piercing.

tips for piercing
Keep you hands clean all the time. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
2. Clean the area around the piercing

Clean the area around the piercing at least once a day with soap water. Gently rub the soap water onto the front and back of your piercing(s) and carefully wipe it with a clean, wet cloth to remove the soap. You could also use oil-based soaps, as they clean the wound and also soften up the healing tissue.

3. Avoid infections

Apply an antibiotic ointment twice a day for two to three days after the piercing. Disinfecting your piercings will cut down the chance of infection and speed up the healing process. Dab an antibiotic ointment to the area around the piercing with a cotton ball or swab. Discontinue this after a few days, as prolonged treatments can dry the piercing sites, and make it harder for them to heal.

4. Keep clothing items at bay

It is important to not let clothing snag on your piercing(s), while they heal. Pulling or any kind of friction can cause irritation and slow down the healing process, so avoid wearing hats that cover your ears or tight tops that will irritate the belly piercing. Practise this for two days!

tips for piercing
Taking care of the area where you have got the piercing done is very important. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
5. Safety first

Piercings can take months to heal, and you’ll know it when it stops hurting, swelling, and secreting fluid. So measures such as applying ice for swelling and rinsing with saline water for infection can help. Remember to not apply over-the-counter antiseptics and hydrogen peroxide, as this may cause irritation. Don’t twist or play with your piercings as well and don’t force a ring back into the piercing hole, as this can damage your skin.

6. Removing the piercing

Removing jewelry from the piercing is also part of the caretaking process, as it reduces the risk of injury and infection. The key is to do it slowly and by being mindful of the right movement — counter or anti-counter clockwise movement. Once you remove the jewelry, take a cotton ball and soak it with a cleaning solution and using light pressure, gently wipe around your piercing to remove debris, crusted discharge and bacteria.

Piercings can heal and maintain themselves with regular cleaning and due care for infections.

Another factor besides infections and scarring is piercing rejection. A resolution for it may require a fresh cleaning approach, new jewelry, or avoiding putting any ornament in the piercing altogether.

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