Is it possible to reduce post-Covid vaccine symptoms?

If you’ve got a covid-19 jab in recent times, and are experiencing certain side-effects, fret not. That’s because you are not alone. You can follow some tips to minimise the side-effects. Ready to find out?
how to minimise side-effects of covid-19 vaccine
Side-effects are normal; don’t be scared of them. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Geetika Sachdev Updated: 1 Jun 2021, 11:37 am IST
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Covid-19 has upturned our lives in so many ways, and the only way we can feel a certain sense of security today is by getting a jab. If you’re one of the lucky people to have got a shot, congratulations. But if you’ve been struggling with side-effects and wondering what’s happening to you, let’s just say you are not alone. Some of the most common side-effects include pain at the injection site, fever, body aches and headaches. 

Getting the shot is said to enhance immunity against the covid-19 virus. Also, experiencing side-effects means that your vaccine is building antibodies in your body. Yes, it’s true. Research says that this is your body making an immune response to the vaccine. You can heave a sigh of relief because these symptoms generally vanish in a few days, with the exception that swollen lymph nodes may stay for up to 10 days. 

Only if you have some unusual symptoms like breathlessness, chest tightness, bluish lips or face, then it’s a cause for concern. 

How can you minimise side-effects?

For most of us, dealing with side-effects is not a pain. That’s because they are often mild, and do not debilitate you in any way.  But if you feel they are coming in the way of your daily life, there are certain tips you can follow to reduce the side-effects of the vaccine. Ready to find out? Let’s go:

1. Use an ice pack or use a damp cloth and dab it on the spot, where the injection was administered. You can do it a few times a day, and it will help reduce soreness, swelling and any kind of redness.

2. You can take a cool bath to relax your mind and also bring down your body temperature. It’s understandable that there’s a lot of paranoia that is present during this time, and it can lead to feelings of stress and anxiety.

how to minimise side-effects of covid-19 vaccine
You’ll be fine soon. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Drink liquids as much as you can for at least 2-3 days post the vaccine. We anyway know how hydration is important for us, but make it a point to consciously focus on it in these few days. You could also have fresh juices, or even ORS if it makes it better for you.

4. If you have fever or severe pain in your body, you could take an over-the-counter pain reliever unless you have any specific contraindication.

5. Take as much rest as possible for the next 2-3 days. Do not exert yourself in any way. 

The last word

What you do before taking the vaccine also helps a great deal in minimising the side-effects. So, make sure a few days prior to the shot, you get adequate sleep, eat nutritious food, and stay well-hydrated. If you are heavily stressed, your body is bound to show more signs and symptoms that indicate that you must take it easy. 

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But remember do not self-medicate yourself in case your symptoms go out of hand. Make sure you speak with a trusted doctor, and take appropriate action. 

Remember getting a shot is the best thing you can do to stay protected from the virus, and keep your family members safe. So, you must not regret this decision in any way!

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