Ignore the chill and get set to lose weight this winter with these tips

Losing weight in the winter sounds like a tall order, but it’s possible! All you need to do is remember these weight loss tips the next time you feel your motivation taking a backseat to the cold.
weight loss tips for the winter
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Dr Anjali Hooda Sanghwan Updated: 5 Jan 2021, 12:39 pm IST
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Contrary to what we believe, the winter season is a great time to lose weight! The metabolic rate of your body is at its best and so the calories we consume are utilised better in winter.

But laziness sets in because it gets too cold—especially our houses in India which are not designed to be warm due to a short-lived winter. And so to be wrapped in a quilt seems like the best option. Not to mention, as we approach winter there is a tendency to eat more than we need in order to keep the body warm. Rather, we think it will help our bodies become warmer. 

You see, the body burns more calories in the cold weather because of which a calorie deficit is automatically created. As a result, you end up losing more weight in the winter than summer if you ate the same diet.

But how can you get over the winter laziness and follow through with your weight loss goals?

The best way to stay fit and find motivation in the cold season is to remember that when summer approaches, you can look forward to coming out of those heavy clothes to a super fit body that was kept under wraps for the time being. 

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Winter is another great time of the year for vegetarians who can eat more variety of greens, which are a great source of vegetarian protein and iron. One should drink lots of soup and herbal teas. Warm liquids can really suppress appetite temporarily.

For those who like to eat eggs, it’s a great time to pack up on protein, and the carnivores can treat themselves to amazing hot grilled chicken, fish, or lamb. 

Exercise can help you stay warm

Exercise keeps your body warm and nourished, so you should step out and go for a run or cycle—both of which will help you shed calories too!

There is another temptation which can’t be ignored—which is to eat a lot of sweets like gur, gajar ka halwa, or gajak in winter. You can have them but just ration them as occasional treats. 

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To avoid eating sweets it’s best to be well hydrated and be ready with protein-rich snacks like nuts which you should keep handy. Dehydration is quite common in winter due to use of heating devices at home, so remember that a thirsty body will crave unnecessary foods at odd times. Always drink a glass of water before you give into any temptation of hunger outside of meal time. In fact, warm water is a great option to sip throughout the day. 

My best advice is to stay away from processed foods, always eat natural foods for better health—even if you are thin—because at some point in your life you will have to bear the burden of these unhealthy foods. Fitness is a lifestyle not a temporary phenomenon. 

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